Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Disney's Blood-Curdling Female Scream of Death"

Along with the Bambi's Mother episode of "Disney's Gettin' Lazy", my "Goofy Holler" compilation video is the one thing that brings the most people to my site. It was linked from the Goofy Holler wikipedia page about three months ago, & about 50% of the visits each day are from there. It's a blessing & a curse...

Although the "Wart Holler" video I posted a few months back didn't get as big a response as the Goofy one, I thought it would be nice to make another one for ol' times sake (as well as it being something to add to all the Sleeping Beauty buzz flyin' around these days) . This one I prefer to call "Disney's Blood-Curdling Female Scream of Death"!

The scream was recorded by actress Lucille La Verne, who provided the voices for both the Evil Queen & the Old Hag in Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. Since then, it was reused twice more: once in the Donald Duck cartoon Trick or Treat, & was last used for another female villain's death: Maleficent's in Sleeping Beauty. Although it isn't as used as many times as the Goofy or Wart hollers were, it's still pretty interesting to know that it was used again & again as well. Enjoy!

By the way, I'm planning on creating another Disney's Gettin' Lazy video (possibly part 4 of my Ollie tribute also) sometime before my trip to the San Diego Comic Con in two weeks. I hope I have enough time & effort to do it!


thedoreenster said...

recycling at it's best! ;]

OmegaEye said...

I guess if it's not broken, then why bother fixing it or changing it for that matter

thedoreenster said...

i guess the scream isn't as badly overused as that goofy holler. that is just plain ridiculous. did sound effects/voice over people cost that much back in the day or something? .. or did disney just think people wouldn't realize it was used over and over and they could save a few bucks?

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Well, money is money, but I don't think they would've saved or lost any money if they used an old sound clip like the hollers or the scream.

I'd guess for 'Trick or Treat', they thought "Hey, why don't we throw in that old scream from Snow White in there, that'll be effective & it'll work in the scene!". As for Sleeping Beauty, I'm guessing Eleanor Audley (the voice of Maleficent) either couldn't do a good scream, didn't want to scream, or her screams weren't that good enough, so they went back & used the Old Hag scream instead.

What you gotta remember is that these films were made YEARS apart from eachother (1937, 1951 & 1959), nobody would've really caught on to this without the aid of repeated viewings on video or if they were really bright. It's like watching a bunch of Roadrunner cartoons in a row: after a while they all seem to be the same & it gets monotonous & annoying, but back in the 40's & 50's when they were made, they were released months or years apart from eachother, so the audience didn't realize or care.