Thursday, July 31, 2008

MJR's Photos from Comic-Con '08!!!

I was gonna scan & post all the sketches I drew from my trip tonight, but my sketchbook doesn't fit in the $%&@! scanner! Damn metal rings.... So instead, I'm posting the photos from the trip.

Since I didn't want to spend all night posting the 150 or so images here on the blog, I made a Picassa photo album for you guys to peruse through. I even put little captions to most of 'em, adding a little insight or backstory to each image as you scroll on through!

To hide/show the captions, click on the green word bubble icon. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Next up, the sketchbook stuff (I hope)...

1 comment:

thedoreenster said...

i just looked through your album and i loooove the photos! i knew i'd be jealous - and yeah, the photos made sure of that. i definitely must go one year - i love being surrounded by fellow nerds. :) so which day out of the few was your fave? i was reading up on it while you were gone and it looked as if everyone was dressed up! just my kinda place hahaha