Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh Yeah, I started a Webcomic...and Work Too

I started my webcomic a few weeks ago. "Why didn't I post about it here sooner?", you ask? I wanted to leave my friend Shelley's interview up on the front page for as long as possible so people could see it.

Anyway, I started posting it a few weeks back, and it's been a lot of fun! Shannon's doing the coloring and it's looking better than I expected it would! I'm learning something new with each strip and it's really the only non-work related artwork I've been doing recently. I started working at Titmouse (SuperJail!, Metalocalypse, etc.) here in NYC earlier this month, and it's been going okay. I work 5 days a week, so my only window for outside drawing is either on the 40 minute commute in and out of the city (when the trains aren't stuffed like a sardine can) or on the weekends.

Here's a link to the strip! : http://ftbcomic.blogspot.com/ (there's also a link on the side of the page over there -->

Right now the strip is put up on a temporary blog, but my friend Tara is helping me make a neat Comicpress site that I can transfer the strip over to. Then the old site will become sort of a work-in-progress/Livestream page for the comic. Should be done hopefully soon!

Here's some work-in-progress pics for the second strip:

1) Rough Comp/Blue Sketch

2) Character Tie-Down

3) Inks

4) Color (by Shannon)

It's a start...