Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few new things...

Here's just a few little things I drew up recently:

For Toon Platoon last week, the topic was to draw a picture based on a scene from your favorite movie & if you wanted to, include your own characters. I was very happy to draw something related to my all-time favorite film, FANTASIA!

I drew out a few ideas, like Randy leading the mushrooms from the "Nutcracker Suite" sequence & Steve-O under the hippo from the "Dance of the Hours":

Then I realized that I've lately been focusing the spotlight mainly on Randy & Steve-O (especially Steve-O) & that Cannibal Chicken hasn't really been in much. I decided to give my "oldest son" the reins of this entry & had him be Chernabog from the "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence, with the other two birds playing sidekick this time.

**Speakin' of Fantasia... after going through my old files & drawings I found a 10-year-old sketchbook filled with concept designs I made for a Fantasia-themed something. What that something is I'll let you in on when I get back from California next week.**

This week, we just finished a "Mother Nature/Father Time" spree & here's the color version of my entry:

I based the design a bit on the late, great George Carlin & "2007" from Chris Sanders' Kiskaloo. Unintentionally, he looks a bit more like a cross between Gandhi & Willie Nelson.

Hey, does anybody remember the caricature of myself I made for Toon Platoon a few months back?

Well, I took that drawing, made a few minor changes, inked it & colored it. Take a look:

Maybe I'll make into my new-new profile image. What do you think?

With Comic-Con right around the corner, some of my friends prepared for the occasion by having a bunch of business cards made to give out at the convention. Missing the boat a bit too late, I realized I should have a little something to give out & spread the word too! Since I didn't have enough time to get business cards made, I did the next best thing: designed a small 4.5'' x 3'' flyer in Photoshop, went to Staples & got a bunch of color copies printed. After spending about an hour & a half cutting out these little buggers with a kindergarten pair of scissors, I ended up with about 50+ mini business flyers to give away!

& guess which image I used...

It's a bit bland, bare (& brown), but it'll do just fine. I even left a little space in the middle just in case somebody would like a mini personal doodle! I think of everything, don't I?

At least I'm finally prepared!!!!
Stay tuned a little later today for one last message before I fly off!


thedoreenster said...

i absolutely love the flyer! hopefully people will remember you by it... i mean, it IS your face and famous hat!.. how could they not? it's going to be so exciting! are you sure you don't want to pack me in your suitcase?? i don't think i'll suffocate or anything and i bet i'll pass right through security! ;]

Anonymous said...

you're so cute!