Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Scribbly Life Drawings

Here's a few model drawings from my Monday Life Drawing class with Stephen Gaffney. I'm still kinda rusty, but I'm gradually getting there.

& a dry erase caricature for kicks & giggles.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sculpey Fun

For my Toy Design class, we have to sculpt a "collectible figure" of an original character out of Sculpey modeling clay. Since I have no concept of how to think up something new, I chose a character from my cast of ol' reliables, Randy (whom I've been focusing on a bit too much lately).

Using some tin foil & a poorly-constructed metal armature as a base, I began to sculpt him. Here's what I got after about an hour:

& here's after about another hour's worth of work:

While I have used Sculpey in the past (during my few years of learning at Hofstra University's saturday cartoon classes), I never sculpted anything of this magnitude before. I have to admit, it's difficult, but lots of fun!

The hardest part for me is smoothing out all the rough edges & bumpy areas. It takes plenty of Sculpey, & even more patience. Still, it's really cool seeing your character(s) in 3D like this.

I based it roughly off a picture I posted not too long ago. I definitely took a few liberties when translating it to 3D, but it still kinda has that charm. In fact, there's some things I like more about the figure than the original drawing.

I'll probably be working on it a bit more tomorrow night before my class on Monday. Sadly, I have no place to bake it at the moment, so he'll stay soft & colorless until I can find a suitable place to bake him.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Try Odosketch

I was looking through Keith Lango's blog & I found a link to this online drawing page called Odosketch. It's sorta limited, but still really neat. Try it out!