Friday, August 31, 2007

First Week at SVA


I survived Orientation Week, so now I can live to tell the tale:

On Sunday, I waited in line to move into my dorm on E 23rd St. It was like waiting at the deli counter in a supermarket: you get a number & wait 'til it's called. I was #91. LOOOOONG wait.

So I finally get in, & I finally meet my roommates. They're all really great guys (& talented to boot).

Luckily for myself, I wasn't stuck with a bunk bed. I was the only one with a single bed.

I ate pretty well this past week. No ramen noodles & PopTarts for me!

I'm glad that we all share some interests. Two of my roommates are huge fans of Super Smash Bros. like I am. We played a few rounds throughout the week, & we're all equally matched (well...almost). I look forward to have them as my first battlers once Brawl comes out!

When not strolling the area, eating or going to Orientation-related gatherings, I just sat on my bed & drew. New ideas & storylines popped in my head while listening to the work of Bach, Beethoven, Billy Joel & Bob Seger.

Some things didn't have to make sense...

...& I got a fantastic view outside my bedside window.

In less than a week's time, I learned to live in my new surroundings, made new friends, seen new things, & began to know my way around the labyrinth that is the Big Apple.

& that's just Orientation week! I'll be starting classes on Tuesday. & don't worry, the computer is coming back with me this time!

***By the way, I've got a HUGE surprise in store for the next few posts. You shouldn't miss 'em, loyal blog fans! See you tomorrow!***

Saturday, August 25, 2007

"I'm Merrily on my Way to "Somewhere" in Particular!"

Anyone who gets the reference to where the title came from will get a special prize from myself (really, I mean it!).

Well, I'm finally off to the Big Apple to start my college education. I never thought I'd get this far, but thanks to me ignoring my own pessimistic modesty, I overcame that obstacle.

Since I'm not bringing my computer & scanner with me until further notice, I probably won't be able to update the site until the weekends. Once I get myself settled into my dorm domicile, then I'll transport my computer to SVA. I still might be able to answer comments through the school's computer lab.

See you next weekend (that is if I survive orientation week)!

Two Drawings That Have Nothing to Do with Anything (Not Really)

Here's another Rebop from a week ago:

Pesporlorpox (Zebra hide, Tiger nose, Bear arms, Chicken legs, Hawk talons, Pegasus wings, Jackal face, Lizard tail & Bull horns)

& here's a quick comic I drew up. I still haven't come up with part 3 of the "Molting" story arc, but it's still on my mind, so I'll get to it eventually (I hope).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two More Rebops

Self-explanatory title, I'm sure.

Gortorpox (Dragon wings, Bunny tail, Tiger body, Bat ears, Lizard tongue, Crocodile snout, Stegosaurus plates, Saber teeth, Monkey limbs & Duck feet)

Hyplactorfys (Shark fin, Rabbit feet, Turkey beak, Elephant body, Lion paws, Peacock tail, Dragon horns & Rhino horn)

Thanks to Sam, Jose, Paul & Scott for the requests.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Big "5-0"!

Maybe I should've gotten Fudgie the Whale.

I've made it to 50 posts today! (yay!) You know what they say... 50 means your "over the hill". So I guess it's all downhill from here.

I'd like to thank everyone who stops by on a regular basis to check this place out. Without you, I'd....uhh.....I'd probably...... well, thanks anyway! There's plenty more stuff coming, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Go See The Simpsons Movie!

I just saw The Simpsons Movie the other night... boy was I laughing. I never laughed as much or as hard for any other movie I've ever seen in my life. It was a LOT better than I expected.

In 3 weeks, this film made nearly $350 million at the box office (domestic + international). That's a hefty amount for a HAND-DRAWN ANIMATED movie, don'tcha think? Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a comeback 2D films, now with Disney releasing a few in the next two years.

Back to Simpsons... Matt Groening must be making mucho dinero off this, not just by the movie, but by all the merchandise, tie-ins & promotions for it. Simpsons toys, games, collectibles, t-shirts & candy are selling like they were free & a few big companies got in on the Simpsons bandwagon: 7-Eleven (traffic & sales at the select 12 Kwik-E-Marts across the US nearly tripled, & it's still going strong after more than a month), JetBlue, Burger King, Samsung, Vans Shoes, Ben & Jerry's ( & donut flavored ice cream) & several others less important to mention. Not to mention that the citizens of Springfield, Vermont are still more than happy that the Simpsons flooded their town after being chosen as the Springfield to premiere the movie. If you think THAT's a lot of money coming in, wait 'til the movie comes out on DVD this fall.

I believe the only people who are not at all happy about how great the Simpsons are doing are the pagan people of Dorset, England, who had been invaded by a giant chalk-drawing of Homer next to their famous Cerne Abbas giant. LINK

If you are going to see one movie this summer, consider The Simpsons Movie.

-Also, here's another Rebop request, this one from my friend David. This ones called the Dulochnor (Spider legs, Goat body, Dragon wings, Parrot head). I added the horns & tail, just because it needed a little extra "oompf!". Thanks again, Dave!-

Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Drawings from Montauk

Here are some more drawings from my trip out east.

I never considered myself a beach person. I've had quite a few "less than perfect" experiences at beaches. I don't like being around large crowds of people, I get bored very easily & I burn like an ant under a magnifying glass.

Although I'm not quite partial to the beach-going experience, beaches are a great place to relax & do absolutely nothing without getting reprimanded for it. You can be lazy & slothful all day long & nobody will care one bit.

When you're in Montauk, a lobster dinner is a must. & Gosman's is the best place to satisfy your seafood lust.

Lobster is nature's version of an airline bag of peanuts. To get to the good stuff, you gotta get through all the tough stuff. & the fact that after you get through that outer shell, you gotta pick through all that green & red gunk between the meat is not a pretty picture. Let me just say, thank God for moist toilettes.

One day, some of my family came out to spend a day with us at the beach. My 1 year old nephew (& godson) takes to water like a fish. Since he's too small to surf with the big guys, a small inflatable wading pool is a reasonable second choice.

I drew this while out on one of several "5 a.m. Wakeups". Those first few hours of light were the only times I had peace & quiet to think & relieve stress.

I love going to other artist's/cartoonist's blogs & just looking at pages of just random doodles, sketches & scribbles that they've done. Pages like these are like little maps of what goes on in the artist's mind to show what they think about while drawing.

Apparently, all that I think about is pancakes & ducks.

(Also, as I was drawing these pages, I was listening to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring on my headphones, just to add to the confusion that is my mind)

Here is a page filled with simple gestures & poses of stick figures. Most of 'em are misses, but there are a few bits that I think I got right.

This one actually was NOT done while I was away. My friend had an appointment for physical therapy, & I tagged along. By the look of what goes on, I think that whoever takes physical therapy will most likely need therapy FROM the therapy. It's like gym class in high school, but you pay for it.

More to come soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

"My Vacation: 5 Days of No Sleep" + First Rebop Request

I finally got back from my trip on Monday... geez, I need a vacation FROM my vacation. But I'm glad I'm finally back to where I belong.
The worst part was that throughout those 5 days, I had little to no rest. After that trip, I had two more bags to bring home, & they were both under my eyes.

I had to share a room with my mother & my sister. My mother snores & my sister nudges & kicks me. Combine the two at the same time & you got trouble.
Early one morning I got up & sat on the balcony outside to get away from the two unconscious monsters. I drew these drawings as well as a dozen others as the sun was rising.

Here's what I wanted to do every morning of that trip...

One more thing...
Last post I asked for anyone to contribute their Rebop requests. I only got one, but here it is anyway:

Here's the Horned Riportex (Pig Nose, Turtle Shell, Elephant Ears, Eagle's Claws, Cat Whiskers, Giraffe Neck, Leopard Spots, Kangaroo Tail & Ram Horns). Special thanks to Cindy. Nice request!
Remember, anyone can make their requests anytime.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Going Away

Sorry blogger pals, I'll be gone for a few days getting some well-deserved R&R at Montauk Point. I'll be back home by Monday night. I've got a few big things in store when I get back.

'Til then, I've got a little project you all can join in on if you want. Back on my very first post, I posted a few drawings of "Rebops" I made with the help of a few friends. All of you are probably wondering: "What the H-E- Double hockey sticks is a Rebop?", right?

Here's how I described it on "post #1";

"A rebop is a creature made up of various animal parts. I ask people to pick various parts & I draw them lickety-split & see their reactions. I make rebops to hone my creative drawing skill. It's great training for me, plus I give them to people if they would like the creatures they helped create. Anyone can participate.

Here's how to do it: Each person gives me 8-10 animal parts. These parts can me heads, necks, torsos, arms, legs, feet, tails, & various other appendages (wings, horns, spikes, etc.) Everything is acceptable except the eyes, because I make them all the same (except if you want bug-like eyes). I see the list, draw the picture on paper, scan it into the computer & post it on this thread. I'll give it a Seussian-like name as an added bonus.

There's only one rule: no disgusting/suggestive parts."

Here's one I did over for a friend a few weeks back.

Here's a Joryorfulox (Horse mane, Dragon claws, Bird wings, Lion tail, Snake head, Sheep body, Piranha teeth & Ram horns).
If any of you wish to take part, just post your request(s) on the "Comments" page & I'll work on them & post them up here when I get back from my trip.
'Til then, have a nice weekend & I'll see you upon my return (I hope).