Monday, July 21, 2008


Sorry Shatner, not "Khan'.... CON!

Any who, on Wednesday I'll be headin' out to the San Diego Comic Con, so the blog won't be updated 'til I get back. I'll update the blog at least once before I go, but when I get back, you'll definitely be seeing a lot of Con drawings, Con photos & plenty of Con swag up here!

I hope to meet some great people & amazing artists/cartoonists & animators out there. As far as I know, the likes of Floyd Norman, Chris Sanders, Jeff Pidgeon, Jerry Beck as well as a gazillion other people are gonna be there & I hope to at least say a brief "y'llo", "What's new?" or even just a brief handshake. I'll vow to keep myself from gushing & doing all that "I'm your BIGGEST FAN/Will you sign my forehead?!" fanboy stuff & try to treat people how they really should be treated: like people. Still, they're AWESOME & I WANNA MEET 'EM!

If anyone out there is also goin' to the Con & wants to say "y'llo" to ol' MJR, drop me a line through the email address found on my profile & we'll try to get in touch sometime at the convention. Hope to see you (or someone.....anyone?....) there.

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thedoreenster said...

give me a ticket to comi-con and you'll see me there too! ;]

have tons o' fun! can't wait to hear all about it.