Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nineteen ('End of Day' Update)

Looking back, I think I had a real satisfying birthday. Nice, quiet, not too much mayhem & mischief.... just the way I like it. Had some family over, ate some pizza, had some cake.... you know, traditional American birthday (sans Pin the Tail of the Donkey).

Got some real nice stuff: A couple bucks from my sister, aunt & cousin (which is goin' towards my excursion to San Diego in a few weeks), a nice new digital camera (to take some nice pictures of my excursion to San Diego in a few weeks) & even a nice little Magellan GPS gadget (not for my excursion to San Diego in a few weeks, but it'll help me when I'm drivin' around once I get back from my excursion to San Diego in a few weeks) ....Even my cats, Lucas & Cookie, got me a nice card. Sure, they only gave me an old, tattered dollar they found under the washing machine in the basement, but it's the thought that really counts. Besides, it probably was really hard for them to write out the card, tape the dollar to it & seal the envelope, what with no opposable thumbs to work with.

I briefly showed the family my puppet, & they enjoyed every minute of it. I had him lip-syncing to 'Rocket Man' by Elton John, 'Jump in the Line' by Harry Belafonte (complete with faux dreadlocks) & 'Sex & Candy' by Marcy Playground. They were either on the floor laughing or staring on with complete fixation. I should record & post a few videos of Cannibal Chicken singin' up here, shouldn't I? I'll get around to it.

The best thing that happened today was the cake! I gotta tell you what happened... you won't believe it!!!:

The family sang "Happy Birthday" (at least it wasn't at Friday's) & I was trying to think of a decent wish to make when I blew the candles out. But my ma, cousin, sisters & aunt were gabbin' like a bunch of ol' hens, so I couldn't think straight. Finally, I decided to make a bullshit wish that when I blew out the candles one would stay lit. So I blew out the candles & miraculously, ONE STAYED IT! You coulda knocked me over with a packing peanut! It was the most amazing thing that could possibly happen.

Sure, I wasted a perfectly good wish, but at least I know that my next birthday wish will come true. Besides, it gives me enough time to think of a decent wish for my 20th birthday. 364 days should be an agreeable amount of time to think of one, don'tcha think?

After all the guests went home for the night, I went upstairs & worked on a little Photoshop coloring (which I'll probably post later on tomorrow/today) & ate another slice of birthday cake. Boy, nothin' hits the spot like a slice of devil's food cake with cream cheese icing & a can of Vanilla Coke to wash it down. YUM-E-YUM!

Well, I'm off to buy cigarettes (not), have a good night, folks!

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