Friday, July 18, 2008

Ollie Johnston Memorial Tribute - Part #4

Well, after almost a month... here's part 4 of my tribute to Ollie Johnston.
:00 - :30 -- Mickey Mouse's Tuesday Introduction (Mickey Mouse Club 195?)
:30 - 1:50 -- Pinocchio Tells a Lie (Pinocchio 1940) (*Pinocchio Only*)
1:50 - 2:43 -- Orville Sucked into Medusa's Swampmobile (The Rescuers 1977)
2:43 - 4:50 -- Three Caballeros' Serape ride through Mexico (Three Caballeros 1944)
4:50 - 7:28 -- Smee 'cares' to sick Hook (Peter Pan 1953) (*Smee Only*)
7:28 - 8:02 -- Sir Hiss Drunk (Robin Hood 1973)
8:02 - 10:35 -- Uncle Waldo (The AristoCats 1970)

Like I said in my last Ollie post, it's getting very difficult to order these clips as I make these videos. Right now, I'm swamped with almost 10 minutes of Jungle Book footage, 2 Song of the South clips & a few random bits, which quite frankly will be a real pain in the ass to make work! If I had more clips or a better idea of what scenes he did then it would be all "hunky-dory", but it ain't.

Quite unexpectedly, these videos haven't made a single dent in the animation/blog community & I haven't gotten much from anyone, not even a single comment (well actually I got 2 on the first one, but one was from a friend & the other was from a random commenter... the other two videos went completely unnoticed). Sure, they're very nice thank-yous, but it ain't quite what I expected.

I know Hans Perk probably feels the same way I do about the reception the Sleeping Beauty drafts he posted are getting. I know that people are watching my video(s) & reading his drafts, but aren't sending feedback or comments, which I admit feels quite discouraging in the long run, especially when you put a lot of work into something.

Like I said a few posts ago, all the visitors I get to my site are only here to watch the Bambi's Mom video from various furry sites & the Goofy Holler video via Wikipedia. The latter being the one that really irks me, because all the comments I recieve are "You forgot this one..." or "They also did it here...", which I did expected to get, but are still just as annoying to read.

After I got plugged on Cartoon Brew a few months ago, I felt like I was in the spotlight for a little bit, but now I realize that my 15 minutes of fame are over & that's that. I could make another "Disney's Gettin' Lazy", but it probably won't get the response the original 3 got, just like the other 2 'holler' videos didn't get feedback like the Goofy one did. Still if I feel up to it, I'll make another one to put up for some to see. I'm probably sounding like a spoiled little 5 year old in WalMart begging his mother "I Want This!" or "Buy Me That!", but what the hell.... I had my moment in the limelight for a bit. As long as people visit my site, view it's contents & comment every once in a while, I'm satisfied.

Back to Ollie... since these videos are tough to cobble together, the next one'll probably be the last. I was gonna push for another 2-3, but I'm givin' up. I'll make the next video a bit longer than the others (10-15ish minutes) just to get it outta the way.


Once again, special thanks goes to Hans Perk, Mark Mayerson, Michael Sporn, John Canemaker, Thad K., Mike Barrier, Howard Beckerman & Emily Plassman for helping me through this (directly or indirectly).

**As it says in the video, all characters, scenes & films shown in the tribute are rightfully owned by the Walt Disney Company. No harm is intended. All rights reserved. **


thedoreenster said...

coming from someone who has been writing for years, don't get discouraged if you don't get feedback or acknowledgements. in an over-saturated, overstimulated world with an impatient society, it gets harder and harder to get encouragement from others - find it within yourself and consider any feedback or comment a bonus. you're doing a fine job - and your posts are always intriguing - but you don't need any of us to tell you that!

Oswald Iten said...

I'm relatively new to the blogger community. For me a good post is much the same as reading a good article in print. So usually I don't consider my feedback worth posting in the comments. I always thought this section was for people who really had something to add to the post they are commenting on.
After a similar post by Hans Perk I started commenting myself, not extensively though.

Actually, if you look around the animation community, the two blogs that get lots (and I mean lots) of comments are cartoonbrew and John K. But to be honest, I wouldn't care for most of these groupie-ish comments if I were you. As thedoreenster said: you're doing a fine job but you don't need us to tell you that.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

You guys are both very right. Thank you.

People are checking out my site & chances are they're enjoying what they find here, even if they don't say a word. The only reason why I welcome comments so much is that it acts almost as a visual showing that people DO come here, read/view the posts & like/dislike what they see. Let's me know that I'm not talking to a wall.

By the way Oswald, I wish I found you blog sooner! It's a very intriguing & thoughtful site. You have a way of fluently & coherently analyzing, critiquing & admiring animation that I myself cannot. Your site will definitely be on my "go-to" list from now on. Same with you Doreen!