Tuesday, July 8, 2008

College Soup - Part 7

Wait... what's this?.... is it the latest part of the comic story Michael hasn't updated since November of last year? (gasp)... It IS!!! Hooray!!!
For the umpteenth time, I apologize for the EXTREME lateness of this comic. Finishing this story arc been banging around in the back of my mind since I posted the last installment 7-8 months ago. Recently, I became greatly inspired by Chris Sanders' new web-comic Kiskaloo as well as all of John Sanford's Chippy & Loopus strips, all the comics on Dumm Comics (link on bottom right), E.C. Segar's Popeye & the Floyd Gottfredson Mickey Mouse strips Thad K. posted a few weeks back.

Before continuing on, I advise you go back into the archives & re-read the first 6 pages. To make it easier for you guys, here's a link to the old strips. The first part was on September 3rd 2007, so start from there & work your way up. There are a few random articles n' bits strewn inbetween, but it'll be easy to get through it all. LINK!

I did about half the comic in color, then I realized it would probably look better in good ol' black & white, so I hid the color layer & just posted it as such. It was a real pain compiling all the images together & bordering them off. After looking over my old stuff, I can see I've definitely "improved" on my "draftsmanship" (if you can call it that). I guess my first year of college really DID pay off. The lettering, bubbles & borders were done in Photoshop, but on future strips everything will be all hand done in pencil & pen.
Without further ado, here's part 7 of For the Birds: "College Soup" (aka "Soup or Sales")

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