Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guess who's back from San Diego?...

...Well, besides me, about 130,000 other attendees. I guess I'm #131,000.

I had an incredible time! Saw some really great things, met some really great people & bought a lot of really great (yet expensive) stuff. Since I possibly can't write about everything all in one post, I'm gonna spread it out over a few posts.

During the six days I was away, I filled up an entire sketchbook with all kinds of doodles & sketches! Later today or tomorrow, I'll post the best of my Comic-Con sketchbook (signatures included!). I also took about 150 pictures throughout the trip, & I'll post those too! & finally, I'll post pictures of all the cool swag, books & knick-knacks I got at the Con. Since I had so much stuff to bring home, I had it shipped home via UPS & I wont get my hands on it again 'til at least Friday. So stay tuned for my post-Comic-Con coverage!

Also, I put a few more links in my links section, so check those out too!

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thedoreenster said...

well, i can't wait to read all about it - and be totally jealous, too! :] good to have you back on new york soil, mister mjr.