Thursday, May 8, 2008


Although it isn't as popular or as widely-known as the Goofy Holler, it's one of those sounds that becomes about 100 times more annoying when it's used throughout the entire course of a movie. That sound is what I call the "Wart Holler" from the Sword in the Stone (1963), done by either Rickie Sorensen or one of Woolie Reitherman's two sons Robert or Richard. The fact that Wart's voice changes constantly throughout the film always bothered me.

I quickly compiled this while grabbing some footage of Archimedes for the Ollie Johnston tribute I'm working on (which I am about halfway done with, by the way). Enjoy!

Yes, I spelled "compilation" wrong & screwed up the date. So sue me!


Julianna Ventresco said...

That's my favourite Disney movie. . . I must have seen it over one hundred times, and I never noticed the (over)use of that "Whoa-wah-Whooaa"

Thanks for ruining the experience, haha.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

I love Sword in the Stone as well, it's probably in my top 5.

Glad you 'enjoyed' it to, Julianna. Have a good summer!

Daryn said...

yo bro. that was really funny to watch because it is also one of my favorites, and i never noticed the looping of that sound in the movie. nice work. keep in touch. later dude