Monday, July 23, 2007

Chuck Jones' Hare Conditioned (1945)

No artwork today, but here's something to satisfy your animation tooth for the day.

Here's one of my top favorite Chuck Jones/Bugs Bunny/WB shorts of all time: Hare Conditioned. The ending of this cartoon always makes me laugh out loud. It's downright hilarious, especially when the characters have blue irises. Enjoy!

*For some odd reason, posting on my blog lately has been a real problem. I have no idea what happened. I tried posting this video onto my blog through Youtube, but since then there's been a heavy lag problem here. The posts take at least two hours to update edits or show up. When the loading is through, the video doesn't work & it's pretty disappointing knowing that I have this problem while some other sites seem to do it A-OK. Hopefully after this post, things will run a little smoother.*

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