Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bunch o' Ducks

I've kinda stepped away a bit from the main intent of this site: to post my cartoon art & show it to the world. So here's some sketches I've done in the past week or so to stir some things up a bit. Be forewarned, each of them include Steve-O, my duck character.

I drew this while waiting for my dinner in a local diner. I love to bowl. It's probably the only sport I'm good at. Wii Bowling may be loads of fun, but nothing beats the feeling of getting a REAL strike in a REAL game on a REAL alley in the REAL world. Really.

I have no idea what inspired me to draw this, but either way, it's a dead on facsimile.

My sister listens to rap... recreationally. I hate riding in her car, 'cause not only do I have to hear [expletive deleted], [expletive deleted] & [expletive deleted] throughout the whole trip, but she turns the bass up to 110%, plus she's got one of those super-powered, battery-draining subwoofers in the trunk. So every expletive is punctuated by a loud, eardrum-piercing "THUMP" sound. The only redeeming quality of rap is that it has a good beat (it vibrates the seat, massaging my back in the process). It's like I'm sitting in one of those fancy black chairs in Sharper Image.

I drew this immediately after I drew Steve-O bowling. I was just about to finish the drawing up, but then my food came out. French Toast soppin' with maple syrup, bacon, fries & an orange slice... YUM!

While I was sketching Steve-O here slipping on suds, I was thinking of the scene in Snow White where Dopey tries to get the soap to wash Grumpy. One of the funniest scenes in the movie. If only Disney kept Ward Kimball's soup scene in. It really tops off the soap gag at the end.

Here's Steve-O playing tennis. Nothing much else than that.

More to come tomorrow! Stay Tuned...


Denise said...

Hey Mike,
Nice drawings! You're breakfast description made me hungry, actually, I haven't had a breakfast like that since a school year weekend. I'll tell you a story about the last time I went to IHOP. Well, when me and my family went to IHOP, we ordered night. Well, that's the last time we ever do that. When the breakfast came around, we wanted to dig in. But before our chompers could feast on the meal, we noticed that the bacon was a shade of green, no kidding. So, we figured, ok, its pre-cooked junk, we'll eat everything else. Well, the egg was watery, and basically the toast was the only edible thing there. My sis lucked out, she got the chicken strips. Just thought I'd give you a nice story. But, back on topic. Those drawings are really good. I like them. I really think that you are gonna have a comic strip in the paper one day. If it was up to me, you'd already have one in the paper.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Denise, what a great yet disgusting story!

Actually, I have breakfast for dinner all the time. Sometimes at IHOP. I've never had that bad a meal at IHOP before, even though they're food isn't the Ritz in any way.

I had an experience like yours once at a Friendly's near where I used to live. When my food came around, not only was the bread green, the soda flat & the food literally raw, but my soup had hair in it. Not just one wee hair, but a load of it. It's like somebody emptied out a drain or de-haired a woman's hairbrush & just plopped it into my soup. I never ate there again (except for ice cream, which is the only good thing Friendly's ever had. I can't refuse a Root Beer Float!)