Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Hop in, I'm Drivin'!"

I just got my license yesterday. Whoop-de-FREAKIN'-doo!

Next stop... TIJUANA! Adios, "Bloggamigos"!


Kevin Langley said...

Congratulations! Great drawing too.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Thanks, Kev! I like the stuff you drew over at your sketchblog! You're good at drawing all the Avery/MGM stuff.

By the way, great walk/run cycles too! I gotta put some of mine up somehow. I don't know how to upload videos onto my computer.

Denise said...

Hey Mike,
Congrats on getting your drivers license! Now you can go anywhere anytime you want, and not have to have ur parents drive. That's pretty cool. Now you're able to go to taco bell late at night!!! Hahahaha.


Michael J. Ruocco said...

Denise! Thanks!

That's got to be the best thing about driving. But, now I'm either the chauffeur or the guy who runs to Dairy Barn to pick up milk.

The last thing I'd want late at night is fast food. Taco Bell... yeesh! Still, I'd rather have Taco Bell at 2 am than WHITE CASTLE! Yuck!

thedoreenster said...

oh man, i love taco bell. i could eat that stuff everyday at any time of the day.. and it's perfect really late at night. duh, it's the fourth meal! ;] and ya know, white castle has grown on me over the years.. i can rock out 2 cheeseburgers, some fries and onion rings every so often. ugh, now i'm hungry.. but oh yeah, congrats on the license again! :]

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Hey Doreenster!

Don't get me wrong about White Castle, but like those bug-eyed yet lovable street puppets say... it's a "sometimes" food.

I can stand maybe three or four of those burgers, but after that I turn into a rookie sailor. They make my stomach ache so bad that they eventually burn a hole through the bottom. That's why they call them "Belly Bombers".