Sunday, July 1, 2007

Go See Ratatouille!

I went & saw Ratatouille on Friday. Simply amazing! Brad Bird & the PIXAR team knocked another great one right outta the park.

When I got up & left the theater that afternoon, several thoughts went through my head:

-how great the animation was...
-how the rats in the film acted & moved like real rats, & not like men in Mickey Mouse suits...
-how well developed the characters, voices & story was...

...but the one important thought that went through my head, as well as everyone else in that theater was probably this:

"I'm hungry."

I swear, I just wanted to reach out & grab that food right off the screen! I heard more stomachs growl in that theater in those 2 hours than anywhere else in my life.

The movie was not quite what I expected, but what I saw up there on the screen was equally, if not better, than what I expected. Fantastic, superb, excellent film! (& what a funny little cartoon in the beginning, too!)

Do the world a favor... if you haven't seen Ratatouille yet, go see it NOW! I mean it... get up, grab your keys, drive on down to your local theater, shell out 10 bucks for a ticket, buy a jumbo-sized bucket fulla popcorn, a tub of soda & a crate of Buncha Crunch, sit down & watch that goddamn movie! Period! End of story!


Anonymous said...

A mutual friend gave me your webpage because she told me you were going to SVA. I graduated from the cartooning/illustration department in 05. I took a look around your blog and I would definately recommend that you go into the animation program at SVA. The cartooning/illustration department is geared for the spandex wearing comic book community. I can tell you have a passion for newspaper strip cartooning and they don't have a strong feel for that at sva. my most important word of advice is that the foundation year sucks. the teachers freshman year are flat out bad. my name is jonny and i'm a production artist now living in Queens. drop me an email sometime, I'd be glad to offer some further tips on which teachers to take/not take... as i took classes in almost every department while i was there... cheers and good luck.
i can be reached at

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I loved Ratatouille!! It was....ONE of my favorite disney pixar films.. 'cause you gotta admit.. the Incredibles was just as good. I love remmy!!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

anonymous #2 - Glad you liked the film as much as I did. Brad Bird is a genius!

Jonny - Thanks for checkin' out my blog & thanks for the tips.

I'm definitely not a superhero comic book- type guy. It's a shame they don't go into comic strip stuff as much as I thought. I'm glad I'm taking an animation major.

I've expected that foundation year would definitely be a real drag, teachers & all. But I've been stuck with worse.

Thanks again from both of you guys!

Denise said...

Hey Mike,
Ratatouille was an awesome movie. I was actually surprised. Pixar did a really good job. I've been trying to get my parents to go to the movie. Its really one of the best Pixar movies in a long time. I'm glad you invited me. Thanks!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

You're welcome Denise! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Keep on pushin' 'em! I've heard that Ratatouille isn't doin' so well in the box office recently, so every dollar counts! Help PIXAR & Brad Bird out!

thedoreenster said...

yay! i'm glad to see john got around to checking out your blog! :] he totally knows what he's doing .. so hopefully you can get some awesome info from him!

alright, that is all for now!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Hey Doreen!

It was great to hear from your friend. I haven't got a reply back from Jonny after I e-mailed him, but hopefully I'll speak to him soon.