Monday, July 16, 2007

Bunch More Ducks

Continuing from I left off yesterday, here are some more random duck sketches from the past few days:

Here's Steve-O playin' Bogart. I usually don't add shadows to my drawings (especially quick "throw-outs" like these, but I thought it needed that little extra "oompf", so I put some in. I've been doing it a lot more lately. Maybe it'll catch on.

Since I usually spend no more than 2-3 minutes on a sketch, I make plenty of noticeable errors, goofs & whoopsies. The puddles are too angular, the cigarette smoke is wrong & most importantly the angle of the gun is WAY off. I should of leaned it down more, it looks like he's lighting his cig with it. Oh well, it's garbage either way.

I drew this in a local park before a fireworks show. I go to the same show every year with a few friends & some family. The few hours before the show are usually a real drag, but luckily I had my sketchbook to keep me company until the bombs blew.

"Finally, something WITHOUT ducks in it!"

I asked my cousin what her favorite animal was & she answered with a tie between a monkey or a pig. So I drew them both here playing poker.

Here's a tip: never play cards with a monkey, they're cheaters to the core. Their poker faces are impenetrable & when they lose they tear up the house screaming & flinging their excretements all over the place. At least a pig knows when to cut out.

This is what you'd call an "in-joke" in the business.

All her life when getting her picture taken, my sister puts on this shit-eating grin & winces towards the lens like these camera shy fowl are doing in the picture above. At this point it's a completely unconscious habit.

I drew this for a local restaurant in my neck of the woods. It's probably THE best seafood restaurant on Long Island, if not the entire east coast. See if you can guess what it is?

Anyway, I noticed when I was in there last time that an old mentor of mine from Hofstra, Al Baruch, left a drawing there & they framed it & hung it on the wall. No matter where I go, I discover that Ol' Al has left his mark sometime before. Now I make sure everywhere I eat where he's been, I bring my trusty pencil along for the ride to follow his trail.

More to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Awesome drawings. The cigarette mistake in the first one almost works. Steve-O's expression and the way the gun is pointing make me imagine him down on his luck in the rain (he can't solve the mystery he's inquiring or has just been "warned" by evil doers not to pursue it further typical detective movie cliches) when he spots an attractive female duck (the cliche blonde starlet in detective movies) He uses the gun to lift up his cigarette (which the rain has wilted) as his eyes perk up. Well that's just how I see it. Keep the sketches coming.
Your Fan,
David Spector

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Thanks Dave, but you left out the end of the story:

...with a smug yet attracting smirk, he grabs the young dame's attention. As he lifts his cig up with the barrel of his revolver... BANG!... he shoots clean through his beak as the bullet shoots clean through the stratosphere. With smoke rising from the bullet hole, the clumsy P.I. stammers "Sufferin' succotash, you're desssssspicable!"

A th-th-th-th-THAT'S ALL FOLKS!