Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Donkey Kong & Yoshi: A Life-Long Rivalry?

As some people might know, I'm a HUGE fan of the Super Smash Bros. series. The thought of beating the crap outta my favorite childhood characters with baseball bats, guns & explosives just makes my heart all aflutter. Nothings more satisfying than sending Jigglypuff careening through the stratosphere with a well-delivered uppercut by Mario. & I can't wait for Super Smash Bros. Brawl to come out in December.

Recently I discovered this picture on the game's website:

I have no clue what this picture is supposed to suggest, but the cogs & wheels in my head began to turn...

I imagined a long-lived rivalry between the two. Almost like they've been at each other's throats ever since they first laid eyes on each other. Yoshi had to carry a certain heavy Italian man for games at a time, & that probably left a heavy burden on his subconscious mind as well as his aching back. & DK, being a supposed territorial gorilla, would find it intruding if Yoshi took his secret dream a little too far into his personal space. Punches would be thrown, tongues would flail, hurtful things said... it would get a little out of hand.

Then it came to me... it's in their ANCESTRY! Ever see King Kong? It's living proof that dinosaurs & apes have fought each other countless times in the past. It's like dogs & cats... except with simians & reptiles. Lizards & Monkeys just don't get along.

While thinking this retarded crap up in my head, my hands were busy shelling out these quick sketches.

Yeeck! Dino spit! Well, better the attic than the basement.
See ya next time!


Denise said...

Hi Mike!
How are ya, its Denise. I can't wait for Brawl to come out. I've been checking the smash site regularly to see what new and interesting updates their will be. Also, I would think Yoshi and Dk have a rivalry, not just because of the ancestry, but there really are no other animals in the mario series, or nintendo (not including starfox). It seems to make sense. Also, your drawings of the two are great!! I enjoyed them! see ya around!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Hey Denise!

Smash Bros. is indeed awesome! I'm looking forward to each & every update until release. I'm such a game geek that way. RIDLEY FOR BRAWL!!!!

I've always liked DK & Yoshi more than Mario himself. There's something about gorillas in ties & raptors with boots & saddles that I like.

I don't think DK & Yoshi are the ONLY animals in the Mario universe. What about Koopa Troopas, Paratroopas, Wigglers & Spiny Shells? I have no idea what you'd call a Goomba... it's probably a vegetable or something.

Anonymous said...

i think a "Goombah" is italian
and it means "close friend"...
it also means
a close friend of the italian mafia but a goomba is not part of the mafia himself

Michael J. Ruocco said...

So a Goomba IS an animal!

Goomba's are in cahoot's with Bowser. They're the Gestapo to Bowser's Hitler. They're basically his hired hands, even though they got none.

thedoreenster said...

oh yeah, denise is right. you can already reserve it at gamestop, even though it's not out til december. i find it kinda pointless to reserve games if you just go there the day it comes out. oh well.

Michael J. Ruocco said...


Personally, I'd rather have the game shipped to my house a day or two before the game's release instead of waiting for hours on line in the winter's cold with the chance of the game becoming sold out before I reach the door anyday.

I'm an American, it's what we do. Laziness is our main attribute, don'tcha know?

Cindy said...

Wud up my talented friend Mike!
You never cease to amaze me. Continue posting these crazy things on your blog and making me laugh. Like always, you're the best!

With Love,

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Hey Cindy! Glad you like the drawings!