Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jerry Beck Plugged Me on the Brew!!!

Check it out:

You know, getting a plug on Cartoon Brew was one of the few goals I had for this site, & now after just reaching my first year here I finally reached that goal! Time to celebrate!

I was going to put these videos on the backburner, but I can't let the Brewsters down! Not the Brewsters!! Therefore, I will get started on my next "DGL" video post haste!

Thanks, Jerry Beck!


Anonymous said...

There's a same/as animation scene in "101 Dalmatians" lifted from "Pinocchio" when the window swings open with the puppy hanging from it that was originally Gepetto's swinging window with a dangling Figaro. Another "Dalmatians" shot, with an adult Dalmatian carrying a puppy by the scruff of the neck and leaping aboard the departing moving van was flopped and redrawn with cats for "The Aristocats" about a decade later.

Will Finn said...

Hey Mike - great post. Animator Dave Spafford pointed out the JUNGLE BOOK/TOAD reuse to me many years ago and it was a real revelation. Woolie Rietherman loved re-use and there was a particular "take" of Goofy (i think from AQUAMANIA) that was often re-used by him (the wolf in SWORD comes to mind). The Woolie era drafts are full of re-use notes.

BTW--chunks of Baloo's entrance in drag in 'I Wanna Be like You' is re-used TWICE in the same sequence, but I have to say not overly noticeable. i know they were in a pinch finishing JUNGLE BOOK after Walt died, maybe that excuses a little of it, but it got to be a bad habit. i admit I've done it, but it is to be avoided at all costs.

Kelly Light said...

Hey Michael..found you threw the cartoon brew post. Wow are you observant picking out these clips! I observe that you ad I are both from East Rockaway.. is this town big enough for 2cartoonists!?
I'm thrilled to find another one! Best of luck in your artistic pursuits... Kelly