Saturday, April 26, 2008



Hey everybody, I've got some good news & some bad news...

Let me start off with the bad news: because of the final end-of-the-year school workload I have here at SVA over the next week or so, the Ollie Johnston tribute is going to be temporarily delayed until at least the middle of May. With all the final exams, 8-page reports & the short film I need to complete, I just don't have the time or energy to work on it at this moment. Same goes with the FortheBirds Masterpiece Collection paintings as well as the Disney Reuse & Bastardization videos. Until I'm out of school, those things will be temporarily put on hold.

Now for some good news: Once I'm out of school, I've got a seemingly infinite amount of free time & space to do those things and more. That means more videos, more drawings and more posts, possibly with some added goodies thrown in for good measure. Just imagine: 4 straight months of free time to draw, paint, compose & post on this blog.

Here are a few notices on news & things around here:

- NIN10Doh!, the little film I had a small part in making, has won three awards (the daily, weekly & monthly award) on! Congratulations to the rest of the NIN10Doh! crew & staff! I had a lot of fun animating and voicing for it, & thanks to that little gig, I'm starting to do some of my own Flash animations. I'll post some of them here for you to see over the summer!

- Remember Toon Platoon, that old art contest site I had running a while back that mysteriously stopped running for no apparant reason whatsoever? Well it's back & better than ever! We've got new topics, new artwork & even some new members! Check back every once in a while to see some of the great artwork the members are putting up, & while you're at it, help out by voting in the weekly polls. The link to the site is on the right, so make sure to stop by from time to time, as well as checking out the other member's blogs!

- Some of you may be wondering/asking after seeing the first paragraph on this post: "Wait, you're doing a short film? I wanna see it!". Well, I am doing a short film , & I'll try to post it sometime in May when I'm done. I'll also put up some behind-the-scenes drawings/concept sketches/thumbnails as a bonus along with it.


I'm letting this out there once again: I REALLY need you're help with the Ollie Johnston tribute! I've got plenty of Ollie's scenes set up in my database ready to be compiled into the video, but it's not enough. If any of you know any SPECIFIC scenes Ollie animated (besides the ones I listed below) please let me know. & don't send me a link to his IMDB page, 'cause that doesn't help me much. Thanks to the Frank & Ollie DVD, John Canemaker's Nine Old Men book, the books written by Frank & Ollie (Illusion of Life, Too Funny For Words, etc.), Hans Perk's animators drafts, Mike Barrier's ''Song of the South-Running Away'' draft & the Disney Family Album episode put up on Youtube, here's a list of the scenes I have so far:

- Thumper's "Eating Greens" speech from Bambi
- Brer' Rabbit struggling with the Tar Baby + various bits in the "Running Away sequence" of Song of the South
- The Bare Necessities sequence, Bagheera & Baloo's conversation & the ending scenes in Jungle Book
- nearly ALL of the Prince John & Sir Hiss scenes from Robin Hood
- some animation from Reason & Emotion, Chicken Little & Brave Little Tailor cartoons
- Pongo comforting Perdita under the stove + miscellaneous scenes from 101 Dalmatians
- various scenes from Alice in Wonderland, Three Caballeros & Pinocchio
- Archimedes laughing in Sword in the Stone
- Rufus comforting Penny & some Orville animation in The Rescuers
- Drunken Smee in Peter Pan
- Mickey Mouse's Monday & Tuesday introductions of the Mickey Mouse Club

So far, these are the only scenes I know Ollie did, but I know he did a lot more. What other scenes did he do in films like Robin Hood, Jungle Book, Sword in the Stone, Bambi, Song of the South & Peter Pan? What about the films I didn't AristoCats, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Lady & the Tramp, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, the shorts & the package films? What about the TV shows & specials? This information is essential to making this tribute a complete one!

I'll level with you... if you give me some credible, definite information about Ollie's scenes, I'll give you credit on the tribute in a "Special Thanks" section at the end of the video. How's that?

Thanks again everyone!


~Em said...

He helped out in "Mickeys Garden" and "Tortoise and the hare" (mickey mouse shorts) when he first started working at Disney.

also worked on:(all shorts)
"Pluto's Judgment Day"1935), "Mickey's Rival" (1936) and "Reason and Emotion" (1943),

I dont know how true this is.. but I also read he animated Faunna, Flora and Merryweather in Sleeping Beauty, or at least parts of them anyway.

I dont know if you said this already.. but i also read he animated Pinnochios nose growing when he lied to the Blue Fairy.

He also wrote some books (of course about Disney)

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Ollie was probably an inbetweener or at most an assistant animator workin' his chops under Freddie Moore at that time. Some assistants, like Eric Larson, animated side stuff like the flowers, trees & ojects getting blown away by Max Hare in the Tortoise & the Hare cartoons, but I'm not quite sure about what Ollie's sole part in those cartoons were. I'd have to take a quick look at John Canemaker's book again to see what he did.

As for Sleeping Beauty, he & Frank Thomas were both in charge of the fairies, but I'm not sure which scenes were Ollie's & which were Frank's. If I watch the movie again & really pay attention to those scenes, I could probably decipher who did what. At first it's hard to tell who did what, but after a while you discover an animator's quirks or familiar qualities. For example, Frank's characters seem a bit scruffier & many of his characters have a bit of an eyelash, while Ollie's stuff is more smooth & streamlined, but elegant in their movements, almost as if they were inbetweens.

Thanks for the info, Em. I'll definitely give you a credit on the tribute (that is if I ever finish it!).

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, I have to say (about your previous post) that I'll never be able to see Monet's painting the same way again.

You don't mind if I save it on my computer, do you?

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Mr. Trombley, you are more than welcome to save it! Go right ahead!

Thanks for asking for my permission, eitherway. Very thoughtful.