Sunday, April 20, 2008

For the Birds Masterpiece Collection - "The Last Temptation of St. Steve-O"

I loved doing the 'Mona' Lisa so much, I decided to do another one. So here's my second "doctored famous painting" masterpiece, based off of Salvador Dali's The Last Temptation of St. Anthony. (click the picture to enlarge)

I'm a big fan of Dali, because his paintings have those certain qualities that really get to me. They're so rich with detail & color that you want to get a closer look, but the bleak and somewhat scary nature of his paintings keep me at a distance. It's like I'm in art limbo.

This one was a LOT harder to pull off than the Mona Lisa. I had to completely remove the big horse in front, the woman on top, the woman's torso in the window & St. Anthony from the painting, use the stamp tool to recreate the background behind them, sub in Steve-O, Randy, Cannibal Chicken & Mona in their places, add shadows & highlights to them & finally make the painting a bit grainy so the characters don't completely stand out. There are plenty of mistakes I forgot to touch up, but other than that I think I did an OK job, more or less.

Thanks to my good friend AJ for giving me the perfect painting to use!

Ok, this painting is freakin' me out too much, I'm gettin' outta here!


AJ said...

looks great, Mike! keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing your future installments (and maybe another Dali piece? : P)

david said...

hi! its david from class. I had a great time. and by the way, add your cartoon to "The Scream" by edvard munch. that would be funny!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

AJ, thanks for the props & I'll definitely consider doing another Dali.

David! Glad you liked the class! & coincidently, My friend AJ (the commenter above you) & I discussed 'The Scream' as my next piece, so look forward to seeing that one in the near future! I guess great minds DO think alike!