Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goodbye Ollie...

I spent all day today in the animation studio here at SVA working on my final project for the year. As I was animating, I was watching some Disney animation on my iPod for inspiration (& entertainment) to help me get through the day. I studied some of my favorite scenes: Orville the albatross getting sucked into Medusa's swampmobile & Rufus comforting Penny in The Rescuers, Brer Rabbit struggling with the Tar Baby in Song of the South, and Sir Hiss tickling Prince John's ear in Robin Hood. Then I felt a cold chill...

Coincidently, those scenes I mentioned were all animated by Ollie Johnston, who sadly passed away last night. To many, Ollie was an incredible inspiration. His characters have made us laugh, made us cry & made us believe. The Illusion of Life (which he co-wrote) is our Holy Bible & his many words and teachings have been invaluable to us. He was a great animator, author, husband, father and friend.

At least now, Ollie is at peace. & even better, he is finally reunited with Walt, the rest of the Nine Old Men, his wife, and his best friend, Frank.

God Bless You, Ollie! Thanks for Everything!

I plan on doing a tribute to Ollie, so keep your eyes out over the next week or so!

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