Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Wow! What an act!"

Yesterday, I went to a recording of "A Daily Show with Jon Stewart" with my friends Mike, Chris & Allison. Great show! I'd show you guys pictures, but there was no cameras or camera phones allowed. Besides, I didn't bring one.

We got to the studio around 2-ish and waited there until around 5. I was cold and my legs were tired from standing the whole time.

Once we got into the studio, we sat down & waited another 45 minutes or so. Before the show started, a comic came out to warm the audience up for Jon, giving away tickets to a comedy club.

Finally, Jon came on the set (the rumors are true, he is short). He answered a few questions as he & the crew got ready to record. Finally, the cameras began to roll & the show began. Because of all the political hype recently (by the way, isn't today Super Tuesday?... Oh boy! I'm going to Carvel! It's two sundaes for one day!) we expected there to be some sort of political guest or former senator on the show talking about the candidates or the election. Boy, were we in for a treat...

After the first commercial break, Jon gets a surprise visit from Stephen Colbert (of the Colbert Report), who thanks him for helping him out last week. You see, there's this whole controversy over presidential candidate Mike Huckabee & who gave him a bump, Colbert or Conan O'Brien, Blah Blah Blah. Anyway, as they're talking, non other than Conan O' Brien himself is sneaking up behind him. The audience went completely insane. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert & Conan O' Brien all there at the same time. Conan can't take this anymore & he challenges Colbert to a fight then & there. Jon interrupts, saying he's got a show to do, agreeing to fight backstage after the show, & the two leave.

My friend Allison, was even more amazed then the rest of us, because Tim Gunn from Project Runway was the guest on the show that night. They talked about fashion for a while (a guy's dream subject), then the show was over. After the last break, Jon "left" to "fight" Conan.

Jon came back & told the audience that this fight was a three-way crossover between Daily Show, Colbert Report & The Late Show with Conan O'Brien & to make sure to watch the fight on Conan's that night. We couldn't wait for that. After the show, we headed back to SVA, picked up some Chinese & watched the shows.

You can catch last night's Daily Show & Colbert Report again tonight at 8 on Comedy Central. As for the big fight with Conan, somebody probably uploaded a clip of that on Youtube by now, so enjoy it before NBC takes it down.

Have you ever heard someone say "...once in a blue moon." when talking about something never happening? Well, we saw the blue moon last night, & boy was it blue!

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