Thursday, February 21, 2008

"I gots me a new Ipod, 'baybah'!"

Well, my old iPod finally bit the big bazooka. Now that my little music player is in the big recycle bin in the sky, it was finally time to pick up a new one.

I went to my local Apple Store in Roosevelt Field Mall (most crowded store in the mall) & waited on line for a helper. I thought about getting one of those iTouches, but I heard they were glitchy, plus the largest size they got is a 16G deal. PASS!

I finally chose my prize: a whopping 160G iPod Classic (first Coke, now iPods?)! Not only do I have plenty of room for all the Three Dog Night, Creedence Clearwater Revival, & Bob Seger my ears can handle, but now I can put videos on it! But $1.99 for a 7 minute Disney cartoon? Pfft, I'll pass.

Thanks to a handy little program called [top secret, cant tell], I can put any video I want on it! Here's what I got so far:


Fantasia 2000

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (What... I like SpongeBob!)

"Axe Me Another" Popeye cartoon ("I'll do anything that you'll do")

"In the Bag" Disney cartoon

"Hell's Bells" Disney cartoon (I... LOVE... UB!...)

"Pigs is Pigs" Disney cartoon

"Lifted" Pixar Short

"One Man Band" Pixar Short

"The Moon & the Son: An Animated Conversation" by John Canemaker (GO JOHN!)

10-minute preview of Ratatouille

"Gulliver's Travels" by the Fleischer Studio

& "Smile" (I have no idea how I got it. Where the hell did it come from?!)

That's what I got so far, plus over 1,770 songs and over 1,500 pictures... & I still got 145Gs left!

I have no reason why I posted this, but I did, so that's that. What a waste of a good post, huh?

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