Thursday, February 21, 2008

Disney Bastardization Time!

Before the hilariousness of ElCid's Bambee, there was this:

Years ago, Thad K. over at Animation ID made a few videos called "Disney Bastardizations". The point of these videos was to ruin the point of a classic Disney scene using only sound effects (make sad scenes happy, fun scenes scary, etc.). At the time, these were probably the funniest videos I had ever seen online.

Unfortunately the videos were removed, I think because he posted the videos on Youtube, where the Disney people spotted them & made him take them down. Since then, I wanted to bring back these hilarious videos somehow, but I didn't have the ability to do that. Now, after learning a few tricks, I can finally bring these babies back.

My favorite of the videos he did was of the infamous death scene from Bambi. Since the video has been gone for a long time, I had to recreate the video myself using Windows Movie Maker. This will be the only scene I will recreate, the rest will be completely original works.

Finally, I just want to say that all credit for this video goes to Thad. This was all his idea, not mine. & Thad, if you see this & you're upset that I'm doing this without your permission, I just want to say sorry in advance, & if you want me to take it down, let me know & I'll take it down without any trouble. Thanks & enjoy!

Just by adding that one sound effect, it completely changes the mood of the scene! Look forward to seeing more of these in the near future! Now if only I knew how to put these on my iPod...


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"A wise man once said, lets get the %&@! outta here."

Anonymous said...

Hi mike,
Hey, how've you been? I've watched your video on how to make steve-o, those videos can really help! Well, I check the smash site regularly, and Falco was confirmed. I'm so glad! That is going to be one good game. Well, when it does come out, we have to get together and play. I haven't seen you in a while! I'm in Bishops 8th period studio art now. Maybe you should pay a visit sometime, whenever you're free.
Hope to see you soon,

Thad said...

luv it.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Anonymous 1 & 2: Glad you like 'em!

Denise: Glad to hear from you again! When Brawl comes out in a few weeks, you'll be the first one I battle online!

& Thad: Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

Kevin Langley said...

Haha, I'm dying laughing over here. Great way to end the clip.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Glad you liked it Kev!

But remember, this was originally Thad's idea, & all my future bastardizations will be completely original works.