Thursday, February 21, 2008


Here's something I thought I posted a while ago:

Back in September, I drew out & submitted this for a magazine called 'InkStains'. It got turned down flat, probably because it wouldn't look so good in black & white print.

I later adapted this into a script & storyboard for Storytelling class & got a 'A'. At least it amounted to something in the end.

Oh, & here's a little behind-the-scene trivia: I based the look of the homeless man off of my father. "No offense, Chim!"


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Very funny comic however, I feel there is something from the comic that I'm missing from not living in the city. What are the actual intentions of the pieces of paper? Oh and inkstains, is that a professional magazine that you have to have some kind of agent to get into or can anyone submit their stuff?

Your Fan,
David Spector

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Hey David!

When you live in the city, you see a lot of people each & every day. Some of the people happen to be down on their luck, like the homeless man, & some of the people are annoying, like the "flyer-handers". To normal people, these flyers are worthless to us, we've got somewhere to go. The homeless guy doesn't. To the homeless guy, it's an opportunity or one step closer to help him through the day. After the way he's lived his life, he's much more creative in thought. To us, the flyer is trash, to him it's his heat source.

As for Inkstains, I believe it's a magazine circulated throughout SVA, I'm not sure if it goes outside of that. Anyone can hand in their stuff, but from what I've seen there's some guidelines you gotta follow to get your stuff published.

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Duh! I didn't realize those pieces of paper were flyers (but I am familiar with the homeless) Thnks for clarifying. See you saturday.