Monday, August 11, 2008

"$oopah NIN10Doh!".....

Well, I might as well finally break the news here now, since it's already been announced everywhere else...
Remember NIN10Doh!, Chris Niosi's Newgrounds film I took part in a few months back? Well, the sequel, $oopah NIN10Doh! is coming out very soon & I'm taking part in this one too! Except this time, I'm doing not 1, but 2 segments!

One of my 2 segments is based off the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt (ducks... of course). Compared to the Ice Climbers segment I animated for the first installment, this one definitely shows some improvement in my work. There should be no mis-colorings, mistakes or hitches whatsoever like in my old segment. There's more color, more characters, more effects & a LOT more violence.

I don't want to spoil too much for you guys, but here's some character designs & things you'll probably see in the final segment. (If only the drawings I did in Flash looked as decent as my pencil drawings). Later on, after the movie is finally up online, I'll link to it from here as well as post some backgrounds I drew for it. I'll let you guys know immediately when it's up.


ToL1337 said...

So, is it really going to come "soon." you said this 6 months ago. :\

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Well... we've had a lot of hiccups these past few months.

When I was given the audio for the 2 segments I had to animate back around July-ish, we planned on having the film done with & posted up on Newgrounds by the time college started up again in September. But sadly, unfortunate things occurred that slowed down production. Some people who were given assignments either flat-out quit or just disappeared without any way to contact them, so a lot of segments were dropped from the film or re-assigned (I actually took control of one of these 'lost' segments, bumping my segment count to 3). Others had some personal & more important problems of their own to deal with, so that slowed things down a bit. & finally when a lot of us got back to school, most of our time was put into our classwork & less on the film. Because of this, some of us were given extended deadlines, so we could work on our segments over the weekends or late at night, when we weren't swamped with work.

But it's not all bad news... at this point, the majority of the segments are cleaned up & ready to put up, & there's only 4 more segments left to put in. The designs for the menus, scene selects, credits & animator bios/profiles are already in the can, so now we're just waiting for those last few segments to be sent in so we can put them all together & ship it off.

I'm not sure when the EXACT release date of the film will be, but looking at it now, chances are it'll probably be up no later than Christmas. Kirb knows more about it than I would, so it's up to him to decide. We apologize for the late arrival, but we all worked really hard on the film & we hope the final product will be worth the wait.

& to make things up a little bit, I'll post a few little screengrabs from my segments sometime later this week, so you at least have SOMETHING to look at. I'll definitely let the world know once it's up, links & all.