Monday, August 25, 2008

Back Again...

Hiya folks! I just got back from West Palm Beach & although Ol' Tropical Storm Fay stuck around Florida for a while (& apparently still is), the weather was actually a lot sunnier than I expected. Lucky me!

Anyway, continuing where I left off, I'm now in the process of creating a new banner for the blog to commemorate the beginning of the fall season. Now I know most calenders say that Autumn doesn't technically start 'til late September, but I always felt that it started right when school did, so THERE! Take that, Gregorians!

At this point, I'm only up to the rough blue pencil stage of the process, but the inking should go by pretty quick too. The hardest part is the coloring! Sure, Photoshop makes coloring my sketches a cinch, but when you're partially colorblind (only alittle bit) & it takes you a few hours to color all the separate layers, it definitely requires plenty of patience. Boy, all those red, yellow, orange, brown & gold leaves are gonna be a LOAD of fun to color one by one... & I hope I can get that, along with all the other important crap, outta the way by this coming weekend. I'm movin' back to good ol' 318 at SVA this Saturday!

The temporary banner I have up now was cobbled together from a picture I made in response to some of my friends recent "alternate color scheme" pictures. Here's the original:

Oh, & if you miss the old summer banner, don't worry! Here it is!:

By the way, I have plenty of Florida drawings to post (which reminds me, I still haven't posted any of the camping drawings I did a few weeks ago!). Expect those within' the next few days!

& here's a reminder to everyone!... so far I've only gotten 2 great submissions to my companion blog, "DUCK!". The gallery must grow, people! If you want to submit your own ducky piece of original artwork, click on the "DUCK!" link on the right & read the rules. REMEMBER, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

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