Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oldie but Goodie...

Since this week's Toon Platoon focuses on automobiles, I chose to draw what I think is one of the coolest cars ever produced:

The Ford Model-T. Ain't she a 'beaut'? I'd love to drive an old Model-T... that or one of those fancy older motorcars like in Mr. Toad.

Come on.... a top speed of 45 mph?... 15-20 miles per gallon?.... roughly 800 bucks a pop (back in 1920 dollars)?...what an awesome car! Someday, if I ever have enough money & had a large amount of property upstate somewhere, I'd make small dirt roads all through the woods just to drive one of these babies through 'em every once in a while! Ain't nothin' like a scenic drive through the countryside. Hell, I'd even drive it out on the open road in everyday traffic... that is if I had the insurance to cover it.

Cars these days look like garbage. A lot of them look exactly the same year after year. Model after model. Sure, some cars like the MINI's, Mustangs & VW Beetles look retro, but most of the cars all look either extremely similar to eachother, or are just plain ugly. Just look at the PT Cruiser or the Nissan Cube & you'll see what I mean. The Model-T, & all cars made before the mid-1950's were sharp, classy autos that all looked totally different from one another. Auto-Individuality drives my interests.

& what advanced technology the Model-T had! Automatic start?.... BULL!... crank-starting a motor is the way of the future! 4-Wheel drive... who needs that crap? Power windows?... don't need 'em, 'cause there are no windows on most of them! & you don't need a fancy car alarm either, 'cause you can hear a car like that start from a mile away!

Sure, the car is a rolling metal death trap with no airbags, seat belts, shatter-proof glass, anti-lock brakes, fog lights or ANY real safety features whatsoever.... but it's got a bicycle horn. Come on...you can't beat that!

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dave (clay class) said...

speaking of cars...I just went to a car show.