Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Does anybody remember this guy?...

For those of you that don't (or are too young to) remember, this is a character called Jof the Cat from a cartoon called "HELP?", which aired on the "What a Cartoon" show years ago on Cartoon Network. The cartoon was created, produced & directed by famed Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto (of Allegro non Troppo fame). This was one of my favorite cartoon shorts when I was a little kid!

Recently, I found the cartoon up on Youtube, having not seen it in nearly a decade. As I watched it again after so many years, old childhood memories flooded back to me, especially the memory of how great Cartoon Network USED to be. After the cartoon finished, I was inspired to draw Jof, having not drawn him since I tried scribbling him down while watching the cartoon on TV, back when I was only around 7 years old.

Here's the cartoon (& all it's wholesome cartoony goodness), courtesy of Youtube. Enjoy!


Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir,

I remember this one, too:

It used to be such a lovely channel.

Kite Exeter said...

Good lord.

i remember this one as well.

I haven't seen a cartoon this good in a long while...