Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin (1937 - 2008)

George Carlin, probably the greatest comedian who ever walked on the face of this Earth, has just passed away last night.

He was (& forever will be) my favorite comedian not just because he was a funny comedian, but a truthful one. For someone as raunchy & obscene as he often was, he was one of (if not the) most intelligent entertainers who ever lived. Nobody can hold a candle to him, he's THAT legendary. Such a great loss.

Thanks for the thoughts you've given us & the laughs we gave back. We'll miss you, George Carlin.

Here's some of his comedy sketches:

"Place to Keep Your Stuff"

"Baseball & Football"

"The Ten Commandments"

"Natural Disasters"

& last (but CERTAINLY not the least): "The Seven Dirty Words"

You can buy all his comedy specials all in one package HERE.

Thanks for everything, George...

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Anonymous said...

My gosh,
I just heard about this from your blog. George Carlin was one of America's premier stand up comedians. Many modern comics owe a lot to him, he was always hilarious to watch. Had no idea you were such a big fan of his, although it isn't surprising. He did a new standup special this year, which is just a testament to how hard he works (he had had some heart trouble a short while back) He was a comic who had a tremendous affect on people and comedy.

David Spector