Monday, June 30, 2008

End of Month Doodles

Here's another bunch of various doodles & sketches over the past two months I carefully chosen as worthy to post. Because of the big move in May, I didn't get to post any drawings from that month. However, here they are today for your viewing pleasure:

The most notable items on this page below are the various caricatures of my friends from SVA near the top of the image. On the top left is yours truly, then Chris Zito in the middle, then Chris Niosi & a failed Mike Luckas above the Bloo doodle on the right. I also drew a "chibi" Kat Shin between myself & Zito.

God I love drawin' this next guy!

This is a caricature of my old man "Chim". He's a lot of fun to draw 'cause he has plenty of facial features that are easy to translate into a cartoon. The eyebrows, the mustache, the Bozo hair & the disgruntled expression describe Chim to a 'T'.

Here's a bunch of humanoid characters. While Chaplin & the sailors were a blast to draw, I'm still havin' problems with girls. I've looked at Katie Rice's blog for some inspiration, & it's helpin' a little bit. Hopefully I'll have a knack for it by the time fall comes around.

Alright, this'll be fun...

Can you guess what bands/singers Steve-O & Randy are dressed up as in the image below? Go on, guess! I'll put the answers at the end of this post.

I've said it before, & I'll say it again.... I love Dr. Seuss. I especially like Steve-O playin' Cat in the Hat.

This one has a few crazy-looking ducks, almost like the ones in my Surreal duck post a few days ago.

These are my favorites when I look through my sketchbooks at the end of each month: just pages full on various doodles piled together in a big mash-up.

Here's Steve-O in a bunch of various poses. I've lately liked to draw him like in the sitting pose near the middle, almost like he's in contemplation like Wile E. Coyote. For action poses like when he throws punches, I've been studying E.C. Segar's Popeye strips. I haven't quite got it down yet, but I'm learning a little more each day.

Here's more of Steve-O. I've also tried to neaten-up my lettering over the past few weeks for when I've decided to start doing comics again. I'm also tryin' to pinpoint Steve-O's written mannerisms & dialogue. While Randy will probably speak using fluent & complete words, Steve-O's will probably be like what you see below: abbreviated, shortened & sloshed together (have to=hafta, your=yer, -ing= -in', etc.)

Besides the duck degeneration set on the top, this particular page has another interesting bit to it. I drew the three birds in their "Then & Now" designs. Over the past 7 years or so, my characters have gone through a real drastic change in design. As my drawing ability "improved", so did their designs (at least to me). As you can see, Cannibal Chicken's change has made the most drastic, from September '01 to the present day (June '08).

Here's a page fulla animals! It's like a freakin' zoo! My personal favorites (if you can find 'em) are the crocodile, the whale, the rat, the cat, the beaver, the vulture, the bulldog, the boar & the peacock.

& finally, here's a guy you probably haven't seen in a long while..... it's CONRAD the FOX! For those that remember me postin' this guy back a LONG time ago, you probably noticed that his design has changed a bit since then, hopefully for the better. & to those who are wondering what's going on with him?..... don't worry you'll find out soon enough (I hope). I quickly colored him up sloppily in Photoshop.

Here are the answers to the "Band Birds" picture from before:

Top left is Daft Punk, Top right is KISS, bottom right is Devo & bottom left is Ringo Starr & George Harrison during their shaggy days.

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