Thursday, May 29, 2008

Disney Bastardization #4 - Pinocchio's Early Demise + An Update on Ollie

I haven't done one of these in a while...

Here's another Disney Bastardization by Yours Truly. This time, the film Pinocchio gets the pie in the pants. The big question here is, what would happen if Pinocchio accidentally encountered the bad end of a wood chipper?:

& I know what some of you are thinking: "#4? Wasn't that perverted Dalmatian calamity the fourth Bastardization?". Well, I've had the idea brewing for this one long before the Dalmatian one. I actually was working on this one at the same time, but I could find the right sound effects, so I put it off 'til now.

Since I couldn't find the right sound of a wood chipper without too much ambient noise or distortion, I had to make the sounds myself. For the wood chipper grinding Pinocchio to toothpicks, I mashed together the sound of an electric pencil sharpener in one hand while crumpling some candy wrappers, tin foil & drawing paper in the other. The siren & scream were not me.

After tooling around with this video, I think I'm done with Windows Movie Maker. I'm sick & tired of it! I couldn't slow some bits down to the speed I wanted, I couldn't zoom in on Pinocchio during "Taps", & I can't overlay multiple sounds on top of each other without some sort of problem. I also wanted to add the effect of sawdust flying up from the bottom, to make things a bit more clear to understand, but that's way out o the question. Until I get my hands on a Mac with iMovie &/or AfterEffects, I'm through with this program!

Sadly, I still have one more project to finish with this god-awful program: The Ollie Johnston Tribute. I've been sounding like I was full of hot air these past few weeks mentioning this thing, with no physical proof to show, but I have been working my ass off on it. I've just finished going through all his films & now I have to properly order & organize all the footage into a streamline tribute. Sounds simple, right?... W-R-O-N-G!!!

I thought that this tribute would be 10, maybe 15 minutes tops. It's ending up being roughly ONE HOUR LONG!!! & to compensate for all the footage, I'm splitting the video into 5-6 parts, each 10 minutes long (there's no way anyone is gonna sit for almost an hour staring at this PowerPoint-quality tribute without getting antsy). Luckily, thanks to some help from people like Hans Perk & his drafts as well as the videos, blog posts, drafts, mosaics, essays & books by Mike Barrier, Thad K., Mark Mayerson, Michael Sporn, Howard Beckerman & John Canemaker as well as support from numerous others, I think I'll be able to make this tribute a well-done one.

So, over the next few days, I'm gonna be continuing writing on 50+ index cards & Post-it notes trying to organize this "film" into an appropriate order. My studio will be covered in yellow for days! I'll try to have Part 1 at least up by the end of next week (if all goes well).
Thanks for being so patient & understanding!

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~Em said...

i love your disney bastardization

that tribute wont finish by itself.