Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Plugs Worth Pluggin'...

Here's some plugs for some of my friends at SVA whom I each envy very much. These people make my work look like they were drawn by 5-year olds:

- Chris Zito is a great artist, an amazing voice actor & he has a great sense of humor! His website Chris' Closet showcases some of his voice-over work as well as his comic, cartoon & animation work. Some of you may recognize him as Meat from the "Parody Rangers" series on Newgrounds as well as his work on "NIN10Doh!" & many other movies. Also, check out his deviantART page (Tidus-Backlash). His voice shall break the sound barrier 10 times over!

- Zach Belissimo is a very gifted artist. His work is like a twisted mash-up of John K., Tim Burton & Fleischer cartoons all rolled into one package. Check out his deviantArt page for all his awesome artwork (SeizureDemon) as well as his first year animated film from SVA posted on Youtube: Basil Cadaver!

- Mike Luckas, another talented comic artist, set up a new website too! His work is not only appealing, but it's downright unbelievable to behold! Each drawing, doodle & design he scribbles from his hand is instant gold. He's also got his own deviantART page, too (UltimateCreatureII)!

- Amanda Frena (aka AJ), has artwork that blows my mind each time I see it! Combine the complicated & patient skill of M.C. Escher with the somewhat-topsy-turvy world of Dali & you got Frena's Art & Style! Unbelievable, pure & simple! Check out her work here: (classic-syndrome)

- Ivey Ao takes anime & makes it even more charming that ever before! With a talent for simple yet elegant artwork, her watercolors'll make your eyes water themselves. Go check her stuff out here: (thestrangechange).

- Kat Shin may be a bit twisted, but it's all twisted in the right direction! With the makings of a great artist, a hilarious comedian & an incredibly talented actor, she'll knock all of us clean outta the water. While she hasn't posted much on her blog, The Showroom Dummy, since she first started it, hopefully she'll put some stuff up real soon to make your sides split wide open. While you're at it, pressure her to post her work (consider it a favor from all of us, Kat!)

- When I first saw Mirella Toncheva's artwork, I almost put down my pencil & gave up drawing for good! Her knowledge of anatomy, appeal & composition completely blows my mind (& her animation work is good, too!) Her blog, The Glass House, will permanently be in your favorites list once you take a glimpse at her stuff.

- Howard Beckerman is a great animator, artist, writer, director, author, teacher & friend. He's worked at Terrytoons, UPA, Famous Studios as well as on numerous commercials. & along with teaching 'History of Animation' at SVA, he wrote the must-have book Animation: The Whole Story (go pick up a copy, it's worth it!) & has his own website:! Listen to what he has to say, & believe me, he's got a lot to teach!


Now, before I end this post, I've got somethin' really cool to show you guys:

Ever since I posted the "Disney's Gettin' Lazy" videos, I've gotten a lot of traffic to my site, especially the Bambi's Mom episode. As I was looking through my traffic report, I noticed I got a lot of hits from deviantART. When I checked the link, I discovered this:

I find it awesome that people are commenting my blog & my videos, but this is REALLY awesome! Thanks to artist Vango ( aka Raniko on devianART), who drew this hilarious comic!

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