Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nintendo meets Romeo & Juliet

A few months back (probably around late-September, early-October), my roommate Chris Niosi was telling me about a Flash project he was in development on called "NiN10Doh!". The concept of it is just a compilation of Nintendo-themed skits & parodies strewn together into one movie (kinda like Robot Chicken).

He's outsourced a lot of the work to his friends & colleagues to help speed up production & after seeing a short 3-year old FLASH animation of a blob I did at Hofstra, he asked if I'd like to do a segment too. Thinking it would be fun, I said "Absolutely!", not realising how inexperienced I was at FLASH, how difficult it would be to animate & forgetting about how busy my class schedule was at the time.

"Ewww... cooties!"

Since most of the shorter, simpler scenes were already taken, I decided to do the Ice Climbers segment. I chose that particular one because I knew how to construct & draw the characters & that the story concept was funny as hell.

Here's Popo playing Brando playing Romeo

When I finally first sat down to do it, I was completely stumped. I forgot what button did what & what layers were which & I was completely discombobulated. & on top of that, all I had was a cheap, crappy old tablet that barely worked anymore, & there was no way I was going to draw the whole 25-second segment with a mouse. At that point, I decided that I needed a new tablet & that I needed to take a crash course in FLASH, doing both in a weekend's time. Now that I had a new tablet ( A fancy new 10'' Wacom Intuos) & at least some knowledge of the program, I started to work on the piece.

Months have passed since then, & I'm just about done with it. The coloring is complete, the animation is cleaned up (mostly) & the backgrounds are set. All I need to do is redo the snow, since the old snow was a complete mess & then I can send it off to Chris for finalizing & tweaking.
I don't know when the movie will be released, but I know for sure that it'll end up over at NEWGROUNDS.COM very soon. I don't want to spoil the storyline for you or post any of the animation footage just yet, since I haven't gotten clearance from Chris if I could, & even if I could, it probably wouldn't be 'til long after the movie has been put up. I'll post later about the animation once it's online.

I'll let you know when the film is out & I'll link to the film directly from here when it's online. & while you're at it, check out Chris' Blog, deviantART page & official website. Definitely worth the viewing!

"See you later!"


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
The screenshots you posted look cool. It's neat to see you draw human beings for once. Will definitely check out the whole movie as soon as I can.

David Spector

Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi said...

Yo, thanks for the plug ;D