Friday, March 28, 2008

A Birthday Card for a Friend

Here's a scan of a birthday card I made for my good friend A.J., who is a Illustration student here at SVA. You can see some of her work on her deviantART page HERE. She's really got some amazing work that reminds me of a cross between Dali, M.C. Escher & Dr. Seuss. Very detailed stuff!

I drew the card in pencil, inked it with a Rapidograph & painted it with watercolors (well, technically I used watercolor pencils, but they come out just as good). I really like to use the watercolor pencils because not only does it bring a splash of color to whatever I'm drawing, but it gives it that watercolor look that I've always had a love for. Sketchy & sloppy, yet beautiful & graceful.

The birthday celebration was a big success! We ate at a nice Thai restaurant over on Saint Marks Place (I forget the name), gabbed for a few hours & at the end of the meal, we ate not one, but TWO cakes! But after a huge plate of basil fried rice with shrimp, 2 cokes, a slice of strawberry shortcake & tiramisu, I felt like I was gonna bust out wide open! Eitherway, it was a nice end to a great day!

Happy Birthday A.J.! Count this plug as your 2nd birthday present!

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