Friday, March 7, 2008

"Happy Birthday, You Ol' Blog You!"

"What? It's been a whole year? Already!?
This blog is exactly one year old today! & not only is it the blog's 1st anniversary, this also happens to be my 100th post! What a coincidence! I timed it just right!
& to celebrate this joyous occasion, here's a little Flash animation I made for you as thanks for stopping by for the past 12 months. Enjoy!:

I'd like to thank all those who visited the blog (& left a few comments here & there) throughout the past year. Let's see... there's David, Emily, Denise, Doreen, Jose, Sam, Thad K., Kevin Langley, John Sanford, Hans Perk, my friends/teachers/collegues at SVA & countless other visitors, friends & anonymous commenters. Thanks everybody for all the help & support!

Looking back, I've accomplished a lot in my life since I started this blog last March: I graduated high school, visited foreign countries, got accepted/started classes at SVA, learned to drive, learned Photoshop, began to live on my own (almost), made new friends & completed a 7-year long metal sculpture project!

Before writing this post, I took the time to look over all 100 posts I've done, & after seeing all of them I forgot how much I covered here: The Rockman, unfinished comics (sorry), movie reviews & recommendations, rebops, WDCC's, Bastardizations, holidays, SVA, juggling, Toon Platoon, foxes, Miyazaki films, Hofstra U., Shakespeare, personal events, Smash Bros. & a plethora of sketches, drawings, doodles & scribbles (mostly of ducks)! "Phew, what a mouthful!"

Here's to another year of For the Birds goodness!

... now what?


OmegaEye said...

how is it that you posted this on friday when I'm reading this on thursday, the day before friday?
right now it's 10:50pm, so it's not time difference or anything.
oh, well

Michael J. Ruocco said...

The answer: Magic. Just magic.

Thanks Jose!

Anonymous said...

nice animation =D

Happy birthday forthebirds blog!


Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir,

Good luck and nice cartoon. Birds have always made for excellent cartooning, and I hope that you do not tire of drawing the,