Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Disney Bastardization #5 - Dalmatians Meet the Cows

To coincide with yesterday's One Hundred & One Dalmatians post, here's a dalmatian-themed Bastardization!

Sadly, the Bastardizations have steadily grown unfunny since the dinosaur battle one. I don't know how to top it! I won't do anymore until I have one that's sure to make people laugh. A real funny concept!

Well, at least try to tolerate this one anyway:

The DailyMotion thing was a bust, they're as bad as Youtube. They took the videos down as soon as I put them up. I guess it's for the best, so For the Birds will be the only place to see these videos (unless some shmuck steals them & puts them up on Youtube).

Also, I'm sick & tired of Windows Movie Maker! It's been a real pain to make these films with it. I had some spectacular ideas for videos, but due to the limited functions in the program they have been scrapped. I've been saving up to get a Macbook this summer, so when & if I do, the quality of these videos will greatly improve (if it's even possible to improve a video with smut like this in it every time).

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Anonymous said...

So this is looove hmmmm
So this is loove!

Haha that video was a little perverted but I liked it