Wednesday, May 2, 2007

WDCC # 3

More WDCC goodness!
Here's the big one. The Snow White set. My biggest set. Well, technically, it's not mine... it's my mom's.

Let me explain... The only place where I buy these sculptures is a great little shop in Rockville Centre called 'The Gifted Images Gallery'. I've been going there since around 2000, when I started collecting the WDCC's. I have become very good friends with the owners, Mia & Richard Taylor, & I stop in there from time to time to see whats new & to buy a new piece for my collection.

Since I cannot drive yet, my mother sometimes drops me off, & sometimes she comes in with me. Every time I came in & chatted away with Mia & Rich, she eyed this set behind the glass case. One day she just said "You know what... I'll take it." My jaw dropped a fair amount as I then helped pack away the numerous pieces in their boxes & bagged them.

I think she's awfully proud of the set, but since she doesn't own a curio case of her own, I kept them in mine. Eventually they'll be moved, but for now they're safe & cozy on their own little shelf in my case.
None of the more recent sets have even came close to being as good as this one. The poses, colors & expressions of each character is so beautiful & well constructed. I especially like Grumpy & Sleepy.

Here's the bottom shelf. Goofy, Pluto & Donald are each "Animator's Choice" sculptures (whatever that means). Goofy is another on of my all-time favorites, just because he's... well...Goofy!

Jiminy is actually another "Mom" piece. She like it better in my cabinet than on a shelf at home.

This is a cute little set. I bought this at the Gifted Images a few years ago (probably in '03 or '04). I always liked Dumbo, so I snatched it up when it was available.

There's Benny the Cab from Roger Rabbit hiding in the back. Chip & Dale are relatively new. So is the awesome Donald retrospective piece. I hope that they do a Goofy version someday.

The Mickey covered in cake was actually the first sculpture I bought at the Gifted Images. David Pacheco, the head of the Walt Disney Classics Collection, was doing a signing there. I was a ten year old in a sea of 30+ year olds. I spoke to him for about 10 minutes & he signed Mickey for me. He gave me little tidbits about animation & getting into the business. He told me to date every drawing (which I have done since) & to copyright my characters (which I did). It was a memorable experience.

Mia & Richard were very kind to me, & they have been ever since.

There's my first WDCC in the back (Mickey & Mickey).

I won the Pinocchio & Gepetto piece in a raffle. It's a very rare & special piece.

While the Open Edition (for regular buyers) has a yellow-tipped feather on Pinocchio's hat, mine has a GOLD tip. There are only 750 sculptures like mine in the world & I have one.

-Well, that's my collection. I'll post more on it when new sculptures come in.

-I'd like to thank Duckman from the WDCC Duckman's Inside Report. His site is even more detailed & up-to-date than the official WDCC site. It's the only reliable source for WDCC's out there, & it's the most essential guide that anyone could ask for. Go check it out!

-I'd also like to give a 'For the Birds" shout out to Mia & Richard Taylor from the Gifted Images Gallery. They have been such good friends for so long that this web-based pat on the back is hardly enough to give them the credit they deserve. Anyone who lives or passes through Rockville Centre, NY & likes the sculptures you see here, stop by their little shop. They also sell great Rock & Roll & Disney-related framed art.

-P.S. I hope you feel better Richard. Get well soon!

See you next time!

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