Thursday, March 8, 2007

Behold my College Portfolio, in all it's Graphite Glory!

For the past few months, college has been the top thing on my mind. For weeks I've been anxiously watching my mailbox, waiting for that certain letter to be inside. But you know what they say; "A watched pot never boils".

I sent in my portfolio around the end of January. I'm scared, I really am. I don't know what I'll end up with when it does come. My art teacher, my friends & my coworkers think that my portfolio is a guaranteed green light, but I do have my doubts. Not only do I have some cartooning & live model drawings included, but also a lot of pictures of myself welding (which is what I hear as "uniquely rare" in a college applicant), but I'm still ever so pessimistic about the whole thing.

Here's all the stuff I included in my college portfolio. My art teacher, Mr. Bishop (probably my single greatest influence) helped me organize & select things to include. Let's see what you think...

These next few pictures are of me working hard on what many believe as my best achievement, The Rockman (It's actually the Thing from Fantastic Four. Our school calls him that to avoid legal issues.) I've been working on it for a few years now, on & off, & it's about 85% complete as of this post. It'll probably be complete in the next 2 months or so, & I'll be donating it to the school at graduation in June. It's been a lot of work, but it's been worth it. I'll post more pictures as it progresses.

Here are some of my live model drawings I did at Adelphi U. I was one of two selected in my school to participate in this class. It was a big experience for me, since I never realized I could actually draw realistically or use charcoals. The first day we had the nude model come in, I was sorta freaked out, but by the 3rd class I got used to it. When your an artist, you don't look at a nude model like it was out of a porno, you look at it more as a butcher judging a piece of meat. You analyze & configure what you are drawing. But of course, my friends & family never let me live it down. "You were doing WHAT? Are you GAY!?" Bunch of freakin' perverts.

Next are a some examples of my cartoon work, including a painting I really enjoyed working on: my duck character painted in pointillism.

& here's a few miscellaneous other things I added, which also includes a piece I painted for this year's school play of WEST SIDE STORY.

Do you think it's enough? Or not enough? Or too much? What do you think?

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