Saturday, December 6, 2008


Syke! It ain't done yet! God, I love to screw around with people's minds.

Since there's still a little more work to be done before it goes up, here's a preview-ish thing on what I contributed to the project. I don't think this is spoiling much. I even SNAFU'ed the pictures up a bit to screw around with you some more. Consider this a small nibble of the 4 course meal that is to be "SooPaH NIN10Doh!".

You know what?.... Since Christmas is right around the corner, I'll let you have another bite:

Here's my recording session for SOOPaH NIN10Doh!, done earlier in the Spring. It's a bit embarrassing listening to my screw-ups, weak vocals & total wackiness when I'm behind the microphone again after so long, but I really enjoyed recording it at the time, so that compensates things a bit (Still, I could've done better). You'll also hear Chris Niosi directing me nearby & Chris Zito commenting & fooling around in the background. 

*I should warn you, the following audio contains some foul words, inappropriate language & downright gutter-talk. Now that I warned you, enjoy!:

$oopah NIN10Doh!-Michael J. Ruocco - Michael J. Ruocco

I'll still let the world know once it's complete. Let this also be a reminder to those who need to get off their behinds & finish their segments!!!! The rest of the team is waiting for you! 

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Eanaya703 said...

awsome!All i can say.