Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Sketchbook Hero"

The other night, my friends Shelley, Carly & myself were hanging out upstairs in the solarium of the GW dorms (actually, they were busy doing actually schoolwork & I was procrastinating on a term paper). At one point, we decided to have a little drawing session for kicks n' giggles. More like a mini quick-sketching competition to see who drew what best. We call it"Sketchbook Hero" (Shelley picked the name). All the drawings came out of our heads, absolutely no reference whatsoever.

1) I shouted out the first idea: to draw a really grumpy lion. A chance for me to draw the same expression for the 7 billionth time.

2) Next, one of Shelley's friends said to draw "Wrestling Nuns". I rushed it (about 15 seconds) so it didn't look as readable as the other's.

3) Carly called "Ninjas" next. It's my ninja's first day on the job, & he has a bit of a pot belly to show for it.

4) I knew it was coming sooner or later: "Pirates". I based my design off the pirate I animated last year for Doug Crane's animation class. I like the parrot the best.

5) Since he just celebrated his 80th Birthday not too long ago, next I said to draw Mickey Mouse in your own style. Another "Grumpy Gus" expression, of course.

6)Running with the Disney idea, Carly called "Tinker Bell". If there's one thing I can't draw, it's girls. Well, I tried...

7) One of Shelley's friends requested Fievel Mousekewitz from An American Tail. Carly got the Don Bluth style down, Shelly caught the cuteness of the character, & I got this. Boo hoo.

8) Completely out of left field, Shelley said to draw your favorite Smash Bros. character pounding your least favorite one. The idea of a gorilla socking a pink girly Poke'mon teeth in the teeth & sending her straight into the ionosphere tickled my heart. 

9) Papa Smurf was next. This was my first time drawing a Smurf, & I think I got it somewhat close.

10) Last (& certainly not least) was the one, the only, Howard Beckerman! The only reason I drew him grumpy was because it's easier to draw humans angry than they are happy (at least from my perspective). It makes it fun for me to draw.

We're gonna try making this a weekly thing, it's a lot of fun & it helps let off some steam & stress. It also lets me know how much my drawing needs to improve (& that's a good thing).

Make sure to check out Shelley & Carly's interpretations too!  


shelley said...

I'm sure I have no clue what you're talking about, I love your Fievel and your Tink. I'm amazed at how you got those cloth folds to work like that just in a quick sketch. and your Papa Smurf rocks too. I need to practice my grumpy expressions, I'm too fond of drawing happy things. xD

we should definitely do this again! I was in the studio last night showing off the drawings and gabbling about this game to some of the other animators, because I've been really excited about it, and they were like 'hey let's play a round right now' so we did. (maybe I should post my drawings from that?) lots of shits and giggles ensued, I think Carly got onto something here. :D

Kernel Cat said...

I like your papa smurf. xD I also like that you drew donkey kong smashing wigglytuff's face. Total win!