Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Monster Escapes...

As some of you may remember, my old man's auto shop has some pretty interesting pieces floating around. Once in a while, something new will mysteriously show up & make itself at home.

Well look what turned up this time:

It's one of those creepy singing & dancing animatronic pizza robots.... SANS EPIDERMIS!!!

What kind of animal is it supposed to be anyway? A cat? A bear? A wolf? 

Those eyes...... those terrible, soul-sucking eyes....

God, it's head looks like a Furby after a grease fire.

& the worst part is.... it has a friend. A friend with a unibrow....

If anyone has ANY idea where this thing could've came from, &/or has a picture of this thing when it had all it's skin intact, PLEASE show it to me. I'm really curious. 

Also, could somebody destroy it for me? I think it'll kill me while I sleep.

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Caitlin Fogarty said...

I know who that is!! It's Rolfe DeWolfe and Earle from the Rockafire Explosion!!

here's a pic of them with...all their skin O_O:

I know the guy who owns him and the rest of the band...not personally but he's on facebook and youtube and this may interest him..I think?