Sunday, January 6, 2008

How I Became a Deviant...

No, no... I didn't smuggle drugs across the border or caused any sort of trouble to the establishment. I set up an account on, a big art showcasing site.

A few of my SVA friends, Chris Niosi & Chris Zito (a lot of Chris' around here) influenced me to start an account on deviantart, where they post a lot of their artwork, cartoons & gags up for all to see. Even though For the Birds is my #1 place to show my stuff, I thought "Why not?" & set up an account there.

From what I've seen & experienced so far, it happens to be a pretty nice site. From now on, everything I post here will eventually be put up there, too.

& for my first "deviation" (& my first posted art of 2008), I put up this:

Chris Zito (the guy I mentioned above) has asked a bunch of his collegues, friends & other deviants on deviantart to submit artwork relating to the upcoming, highly-anticipated game Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. He's taking all the submissions sent to him & posting them up in a big collage-like thing on his page. You can check out what he's got so far HERE.

He asked to include a character from a SSB game, an item from any of those games & a character to represent yourself. So, I drew Donkey Kong with one of his barrels nearly slamming a fowl version of me into submission. It's basically Steve-O with hair, glasses & clothes. I rushed everything: the drawing, inking, scanning & coloring. Either way, I'm satisfied with what finally came out.

Anyway, make sure to check out my deviantart page once in a while, & while you're at it, check out Chris Niosi's & Chris Zito's pages too! There will also be a link to my profile in the links column.

More to come soon!

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