Thursday, August 9, 2007

"My Vacation: 5 Days of No Sleep" + First Rebop Request

I finally got back from my trip on Monday... geez, I need a vacation FROM my vacation. But I'm glad I'm finally back to where I belong.
The worst part was that throughout those 5 days, I had little to no rest. After that trip, I had two more bags to bring home, & they were both under my eyes.

I had to share a room with my mother & my sister. My mother snores & my sister nudges & kicks me. Combine the two at the same time & you got trouble.
Early one morning I got up & sat on the balcony outside to get away from the two unconscious monsters. I drew these drawings as well as a dozen others as the sun was rising.

Here's what I wanted to do every morning of that trip...

One more thing...
Last post I asked for anyone to contribute their Rebop requests. I only got one, but here it is anyway:

Here's the Horned Riportex (Pig Nose, Turtle Shell, Elephant Ears, Eagle's Claws, Cat Whiskers, Giraffe Neck, Leopard Spots, Kangaroo Tail & Ram Horns). Special thanks to Cindy. Nice request!
Remember, anyone can make their requests anytime.


Anonymous said...

I think people would "request" more if you let them do the drawing. By the way... funny pictures haha when ever I go to vacation i sleep in the back seat of a car with my stupid brother, and dont think my parents sleep like little angels... well sorry you had a Exaughsted vacation. but your pictures are awsome!!

Kevin Langley said...

Really funny drawings in this post and good stuff in the one above it too.