Friday, August 31, 2007

First Week at SVA


I survived Orientation Week, so now I can live to tell the tale:

On Sunday, I waited in line to move into my dorm on E 23rd St. It was like waiting at the deli counter in a supermarket: you get a number & wait 'til it's called. I was #91. LOOOOONG wait.

So I finally get in, & I finally meet my roommates. They're all really great guys (& talented to boot).

Luckily for myself, I wasn't stuck with a bunk bed. I was the only one with a single bed.

I ate pretty well this past week. No ramen noodles & PopTarts for me!

I'm glad that we all share some interests. Two of my roommates are huge fans of Super Smash Bros. like I am. We played a few rounds throughout the week, & we're all equally matched (well...almost). I look forward to have them as my first battlers once Brawl comes out!

When not strolling the area, eating or going to Orientation-related gatherings, I just sat on my bed & drew. New ideas & storylines popped in my head while listening to the work of Bach, Beethoven, Billy Joel & Bob Seger.

Some things didn't have to make sense...

...& I got a fantastic view outside my bedside window.

In less than a week's time, I learned to live in my new surroundings, made new friends, seen new things, & began to know my way around the labyrinth that is the Big Apple.

& that's just Orientation week! I'll be starting classes on Tuesday. & don't worry, the computer is coming back with me this time!

***By the way, I've got a HUGE surprise in store for the next few posts. You shouldn't miss 'em, loyal blog fans! See you tomorrow!***

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