Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Going Away

Sorry blogger pals, I'll be gone for a few days getting some well-deserved R&R at Montauk Point. I'll be back home by Monday night. I've got a few big things in store when I get back.

'Til then, I've got a little project you all can join in on if you want. Back on my very first post, I posted a few drawings of "Rebops" I made with the help of a few friends. All of you are probably wondering: "What the H-E- Double hockey sticks is a Rebop?", right?

Here's how I described it on "post #1";

"A rebop is a creature made up of various animal parts. I ask people to pick various parts & I draw them lickety-split & see their reactions. I make rebops to hone my creative drawing skill. It's great training for me, plus I give them to people if they would like the creatures they helped create. Anyone can participate.

Here's how to do it: Each person gives me 8-10 animal parts. These parts can me heads, necks, torsos, arms, legs, feet, tails, & various other appendages (wings, horns, spikes, etc.) Everything is acceptable except the eyes, because I make them all the same (except if you want bug-like eyes). I see the list, draw the picture on paper, scan it into the computer & post it on this thread. I'll give it a Seussian-like name as an added bonus.

There's only one rule: no disgusting/suggestive parts."

Here's one I did over for a friend a few weeks back.

Here's a Joryorfulox (Horse mane, Dragon claws, Bird wings, Lion tail, Snake head, Sheep body, Piranha teeth & Ram horns).
If any of you wish to take part, just post your request(s) on the "Comments" page & I'll work on them & post them up here when I get back from my trip.
'Til then, have a nice weekend & I'll see you upon my return (I hope).


Cindy said...

Hey Mike! Here's my list:

Pig Nose
Turtle Shell
Elephant Ears
Eagle's Claws
Cat Whiskers
Giraffe Neck
Leopard Spots
Kangaroo Tail
Ram Horns

Aight, work your magic!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Hey Cindy! Thanks for my first (& only) Rebop request! I'll get right on it & post your request on my next update.