Monday, June 11, 2007

For the Birds: "The Molting: Part II"

Here's the second installment of "The Molting". I absolutely despise this comic. There's more errors than you can shake a tail feather at. & the side-view counter layouts are poorer than Chevy Chase. Oh well, maybe the next one.
It's these big "Sunday page" strips that throw me off. All the crap I want/need to say takes a whole board full of panels & strips. They're too big to stuff into the scanner, so I have to take digital pictures of them, import them into the computer & discover that my unsteady hand made every pic too blurry so I have to do it over again. I actually had to cut each panel out & scan them individually. I really got to downsize my comic's proportions. I started this one before the 1st strip was posted, but I've learned an important lesson: "Shorter is Sweeter (& easier on the wrists)". From now on, I'm sticking to 3-4 panel strips.
I'm also backing out of using color. It's a time-consuming process, which I unfortunately don't have enough time for. & since I'm partially colorblind & that all coloring utensils within my reach aren't the colors I need, I'm completely frustrated with it. I might come back to color for special strips, drawings, posters & such, & I'll probably come back once I learn Photoshop a little bit more, but for now I'm in black & white territory.
Here it is. Try to enjoy it:

-Sorry you had to see that.
-I apologize for breaking my promise of more posts, but right now I'm at a very busy point in my life. School is almost over (tomorrow is my last day...EVER!), finals are coming & going, & the Rockman has been holding me back. But it's almost summer, so by then I think I'll have more time to post stuff.
-Adieu for tonight!

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