Friday, February 11, 2011

Without the mud, it's kinda suggestive

Instead of a sketchbook (which I should use more often) I do all my drawings on a clipboard, and after a while, old drawings get shuffled in the back and get lost. I came across this unfinished one that I put off because I needed to adjust the legs, but then thesis production came in full swing and I never got around to it. Because of my thesis, I haven't had much time to draw much of anything else.

Luckily, that's where college humanities classes come in!

One of my classes is a Jazz History class. We listen to all the early greats: Leadbelly, Bix Biederbecke, and, of course, Louis Armstrong. When the teacher speaks, I take notes. But when the music begins to play, so do I! I re-found this sketch during class and decided to finally get it done. I screwed up on the stripes around the feet and hands, so I added some drippy bits and made it like his hands and feet were covered in mud that he threw at the cub. It added a whole new side to the image. Definitely a happy accident. I'm not very happy with how the lion came out, but I'm pretty satisfied the tiger's expression. It captures that panicked plea-bargaining look.

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