Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patching things together...

Some time ago, I commissioned a friend, Kevin McKenna, to make a 3D sculpture of my rotund dodo, Randy. I gave him this to use as a guide:

A few months later (he was busy with schoolwork, so I told him to take his time), he sends me this:

FREAKING. AWESOME. Especially when it's spinning around in a circle like this:

Kevin is an amazing 3D modeler, and a damn good traditional artist to boot! Go ahead, see for yourself:

At first glance, some people that I showed it to thought it was a real vinyl figure. That got me seriously thinking about the idea of having him made into a toy. Jeff Pidgeon did it with his neat Happy Beaver toy, so why couldn't I? Unfortunately, getting a figure sculpted, casted and mass-produced costs some pretty serious bucks, and as a college student the last thing I want to think about is spending money (especially hefty amounts of it). Luckily, there's another option. is a website where you submit a toy/shirt design and if it gets enough votes, they'll actually make the toy, which they will sell in their store and the designer gets a percentage of the money it makes! A capital idea (especially for one with little capital). So I did a little write up and submitted a few images to PatchTogether a few days ago, and last night it was finally put up on their site.

Like I said, the only way they'll make the toy is if I get enough votes, so that's where I need your help! Help me out by going to Randy's page (HERE) and vote on him! You gotta sign up on the site to vote, but that literally takes a teensy-2 minutes to do, and it's FREE!

Thanks in advance, blog-visitors!

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